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 Councillor Andy Kelly and Rochdale Liberal Democrats have launched a campaign for a fresh start for Rochdale.

We did it!

On 20th Apr 2016 we successfully raised £40 with 2 supporters in 56 days

Councillor Andy Kelly and Rochdale Liberal Democrats  have launched a campaign for a fresh start for Rochdale.

The town is currently hitting the headlines for all the wrong reasons.  Its controversial MP Simon Danczuk is currently under investigation for his expenses.  IPSA (The Independent Parliamentary Standard's Authority) is currently investigating claims that Mr Danczuk made for his flat in London.  He claimed tens of thousands of pounds extra for his Pimlico Flat, claiming that his 4 children were 'dependents' and that they 'routinely' lived with him.  The fact is, they don't and never have.  It was Rochdale Liberal Democrats, the effective opposition in Rochdale who blew the whistle.  Also under investigation are claims for parking.  Research showed that Mr Danczuk claimed nearly £200 for parking at Manchester Airport.  Part of this time, he was in Spain on holiday.  Greater Manchester Police are waiting in the wings.

Rochdale Liberal Democrats are campaigning for a fresh start. Enough is enough.  They are campaigning for a safer, greener, cleaner and stronger Borough.  They are campaigning to reverse years of Labour neglect.  They are campaigning to improve public transport including a better Metrolink Service and to protect local bus services.  They are campaigning for a Town Centre Threatre and Conference Centre, to improve education at all levels and to devolve as much power as possible locally.

Local Liberal Democrats believe that the Council have let us down.  They have promised to fix the town's broken roads and pavements.  They have promised to lobby this Conservative Government to get a fair deal for you - the tax payer.  This Labour Council seems to just let the Tories get on with it.  We are the only party with a proven track record of taking on the Government.

We want to make our Town safer.  Currently, the Labour Controlled Police Authority give Rochdale a raw deal.  Manchester City Centre seems to have coppers aplenty.  All whilst in Manchester, the police are tripping over each other.  We will ensure, again that we get our fair share.  

We will review the Councils recycling strategy.  At the moment, it is an invitation to fly tip.  We will consult with residents and find a solution that satifies residents whilst keeping up our recycling rates.

We will prioritise the regeneration of Rochdale Town Centre whilst supporting our District Centres like Milnrow, Littleborough, Heywood and Middleton.  We will work to repair the damaged reputation of our Town.

In May, the Liberal Democrats have a chance to re-build.  Let's be honest - there's never been a better time.  The time to campaign is now. We are preparing the ground for a Parliamentary Byelection - we genuinely believe that this will happen.  That's why we need to do the spadework now.  All monies raised will go 100% to campaigning.

What will your money go to then?

£10 will pay for a FOCUS Leaflet to 500 houses.

£20 will help us gain 200 telephone contacts to get valuable canvass data.

£50 will pay for stamps to let 1000 Tories know they can't win here.

£100 will pay for a glossy leaflet to let people know of our plans for a fresh start for Rochdale.

Setting up a Direct Debit will be fantastic.  Our ambitious plans will cost £5000.  Can you help us re-build our Local Government Base - essential to winning any byelection.  Thank You in advance.

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