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To rid of long term debt problems from my old Army lifestyle, to gain my BSc (Honours) Computing with Electronic Engineering

by JustDave84UK in Catterick Garrison, England, United Kingdom

Well this one is for me, I have got to a point in life where no one actually can help me. I grew up in foster care, I enjoyed childhood as best as possible then hit the ground running at 16. 

I grafted a numerous jobs from the age of 16 to 21, trying to impress my peers, my managers and keep everyone happy. Still to this day, I am the last person in my house to get my plate. Everyone comes first.

I joined the British Forces in 2006, served in Iraq 07 (Telic11), Afghanistan 09 (Herrick11), Afghanistan 2011 (Herrick15), Afghanistan 2014 (Herrick20). I carried on my post after going through multiple relationships where I was always the guy to make sure they came first and my silent times was alone with a computer drinking. I did become dependent due to PTSD which later got diagnosed in 2020, but that was to late when I left the services to clear my head, to seek any real help.

I guess I did things back to front, no thought, just get out and get sorted. That was a mistake, I had no true forward plan apart from me and my partner running her business. 

A business that I have put my sales knowledge to, my can do attitude and my common sense. To keep it above water though this pandemic. However, the recent political relation break has proved ever so hard on us as not just a business, but as a family. 

I don't usually ask, but I see people that do sometimes get a 'Get out of Jail' card or the 'Why not', kind help. I'm a Yorkshire Man, I love graft, I just got off the train at the wrong time. I hate asking for help, which is my biggest weakness. I was always shown to get it done and stop being weak. 

What does the money cover? My debt of which I have paid probably £47000 of interest in, since being 21 and getting my first credit card. 

Amount is: £7536.89

The remaining £7,463.11 will cover tuition once my ELCAS runs out and supplies to build my business. 

What is my Business? Well in the next 4-5 years with the knowledge I have so far and the Open University, I hope to be a Self Employed, around the world chap that will fix your servers, go through any conditions the world throws at me, to get you on-line, safe, secure and with a smile.

Everyone pays for huge companies, year plans, ridiculous bonuses. Why not pay me Travel, Accommodation (Or I bring a tent) and a flat fee to do something simple, like a reset. 

Or come fit your server, in the worst possible area, stinking. Meh, I've smelt and seen worse. 

Anyway, if you got to this point, I have a dream. It is not winning the lottery or having a huge house, its just getting upright. Unfortunately I don't have a family to push me upright and tell me I'm doing it wrong, I have had to learn from my mistakes.

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