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I am trying to clear my gambling debts and be able to get my old life back as an athlete and a full time student.

by Rosen Mishev in Kingston Upon Thames, England, United Kingdom

I am a 19 year old based in London. Two years ago I was training twice a day following my dream of becoming an international athlete for Great Britain whilst studying Sports and Exercise Science at Richmond upon Thames College. Everything was going well for me, I was getting decent grades and I was achieving my short-term goals as an athlete. 

For my 18th birthday I decided to go to Bulgaria to spend it with my family and friends out there and so I did. On my birthday we decided to go for a few drinks at a club in my hometown which was fun and someone suggested we should go to a casino, I had watched people gambling online and I’ve always had a rush even just watching people gamble so I was stoked to go and this was the biggest mistake I have ever made which turned my life upside down. I won some money that night and had a streak for about a month, I was making a lot of money and with a lot of money come devils. 

As I had access to thousands of pounds it didn’t take long for me to get into drugs such as Cocaine and Amphetamines, this is the second worst mistake I’ve made in my life. With the combination of the adrenaline from winning at the casinos and drugs, I kept going back for more and every time I went back in I was playing bigger and bigger stakes and I started losing. It didn’t take long for me to lose everything that I had and then I started selling, to gamble. First was my brand new at the time phone after losing the money from my phone, I was desperate and deluded that if I got more money I would be able to make my loses back so I sold my laptop the money from which I lost as well. At this point I didn’t own anything of value except my kayak and paddles which I sold and gambled away in a couple of hours. From there I started taking out loans which I haven’t been able to repay and have put me in serious debt for a young adult who hasn’t got an qualifications nor experience. 

I regret selling my kayak and paddles the most as I had a rough childhood and kayaking is what made it easier for me, a lot easier. It made my life brighter and it made me truly happy. My mum was going back through the photos on her phone and she told me that ever since I want to Bulgaria for my birthday she hasn’t seen a smile on my face such as the one I used to get after racing and when kayaking.

Since the events that occurred I have been getting help for both my gambling and drug addiction and I have not been involved in either for over 4 months, I have been accepted into a Higher Education access course which will allow me to get into university to study Sports and Exercise Science and am looking for a part time job.

This is why I started this crowdfunder. I know I am trying to raise a sizeable amount but raising this amount would mean that I could clear my debts, buy a kayak, a set of paddles and get my old life back. 

I would like to thank everybody who took time to read my story, even if you cannot spare a donation it’s important for me that you put the time in to ready it. 

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