Help Fund A Fresh Start

Help Fund A Fresh Start

To gather enough funds to help my uncle with a fresh start.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Meet my uncle Gerhard....He needs your help to get his life back on track.

After losing his family and a life time of struggle, he is finally willing to accept some help from the community. My uncle gave his life to the church and dedicated it to serving others. He spent most of his early life funding charities through the church and working as a missionary aid in Southern Africa and the USA. He met his wife through his studies to become a pastor and they had three wonderful children. Due to financial constraints, his life took a turn for the worse when his wife decided to leave him for another man, forcing him to sign away his children and his family name. This lead to further problems as his relationship with his father was tarnished and drove him away from the family.

He gravitated back towards the church in search of some salvation through fellowship, a sense of community and once again aiding the church through missionary work. He had just about scraped himself together, when my grandfather passed away in September last year, sending him on a downward spiral into a state of depression due to the life long regrets and unspoken words he never shared with his father.  As a result, he lost his job and due to his inability to financially support his partner, she decided to leave him with just a backpack of clothes.

I have decided to help him get his life back on track as best I can. I am unfortunately unable to do so financially and so, hopefully with the much needed support from the community I can get him back on his feet. The job market in South Africa is extremely tough, especially for a person his age and I have done my best to edit his CV to a suitable standard. Any assistance will be appreciated and hopefully you can help me to help him in returning to his life of kindness and sharing or to be in a position to once again help others, the way he always has.

Kind regards and thank you!