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The project aim's is to seek donations for a variety costs involved in dealing with a malicious prosecution, instigated by government.

by Louise Christine Fielden in Wickford, England, United Kingdom

I have been a member of the Metropolitan Police Service for 16 years, providing a service and civic duty to the public which I am proud to have performed. However, having expierenced first-hand the local authority & executive manipulating case papers to the Crown Prosecution Service in order to achieve a pre arranged government driven policy outcome.  I and others want to provide the public with the necessary insight into the methods afforded to government to allow them too convict innocent members of the public of an offence they have not committed.   I am potentially, one of those persons.

This lack of transparency in the Judiciary includes :- 

* deliberalty ignoring relevant evidence. 

* obstructing defence from investigating the incident. 

* failing to disclose material evidence.

* providing sub standard circumstantial Medical evidence.

* refusing to Forensic relevant objects.

* public body deleting material evidence.

* failing to take account of material medical evidence of both the alleged victim and apparent "suspect".

The investigating officer (Social worker or Police officer) make's a monetary gain, policy driven and medicated outcome of separating child and mother by terminating parental responsibilities, without the facts being investigated, and with a view to obtaining a "quick disposal" of a false conviction at the expense, in some cases of the innocent public. In my case, I have been falsely accused of "causing an injury" to my son, of which I strenuously deny. 

The Local Authority UK, achieve this SEPARATIST POLICY  by taking steps to apply for an Adoption Appliciation prior to medical evidence being collated or fact finding being established, thus having the intent to take my child perminatly what ever the circumstances, even for an Accident.  The Local Authority then requested a Non Accidental Injury medical report and was provided a substandard report with over exaggerated claims, false claims, and sub standard analysis resulting in a false outcome of Assault instead of an Accident.  This route was aided by an intentional and well used blocking technique designed to obstruct my counsel from arriving at an Accident by refusing to complete a proper investigation, or allow the child to be interviewed (primary evidence), refusing to forensic evidence (scientific evidence), refusing to measure the child at the time (biomechanical mechanism to determine plausibility).  The Local Authority deleted evidence from the object used by the child that caused the injury, and then in order to achieve the worst outcome for the "suspect" (albeit victim) blocked mitigations by refusing to consider medical evidence that the mother was suffering from Sepsis to deliberatly arrive at the worst possible outcome of being detained indefinitely at her Majesty's Pleasure in a Psychatric Hospital or Prison.  Thus relying only on the Local Authority's third hand circumstantial poor quality medical evidence in order to achieve government policy. 

In my case the Family Court in the UK was so contrived they provided a limited choice of expert testimony - a Neuroscientist (to control the brain) and a Psychiatrist (to determine behavioural outcome) to perform what they call an "independent medical" report, albeit for a 1/4cm self inflicted bruise caused by my son only.  Neither so called medical expert had any relevant expertise in the field of Accidental Injury.  Both Medical reports where very poor quality and over exaggerated claims to fulfil the Local Authority policy in the Family Court.  To assist the USA in what the New York Family Court Attnorney described as an undisclosed neurological disorder.

Similiar could be said in the USA, where I and my son was provided a Neuroscientist as a back up foster carer, a primary foster and prospective adoptive parent who is a LGTB human rights activists, and a psychiatrist who wanted to study me.  All for cleaning a water beaker and an aggressive separatist policy as described by Presidenta Obama.  My son was taken to aid the USA and UK, in order to achieve a policy objective of Separatism and advancing their then social agenda of LGTB perceived human rights.

I have been under extensive surveillance on both sides of the pond for essentially "cleaning a water beaker" !, and my son having an innocent accident.

It is this in mind that I now face a costly Judical trial at my own expense and hence I am requesting donations to fund a legal bill. The cost of a Judical trial at Crown Court, and if appliciable an Appeal is huge. Many have asked to contribute directly, therefore it is with this in mind that I have established a "crowd funder" to assist with the cost. All sums received will contribute to the costs associated with fund raising, progressing the Judical process, and aspects of the investigation.  Any money left over will be used to support me and my family, and good causes of providing children who are or have been in care by the Local Authority access to private education.

I require a new Forensic Medical expert report that is applicable in the English courts, who specialises in "in house" accidents, and that can provide an independent review of the evidence including all my photographic and video evidence to support my version of a simple accident.

I require a new Forensic Medical expert who can provide an independant in depth report to discredit each medical report, having read my medical gap analysis report.  I aim too achieve from each participant involved in the Family Court a "contempt of court" by providing evidence knowing it to be false and wrong, to assist in my prosecution belief that I am a victim of a "malicious prosecution".

Finally, I will continue to serve the pursuit of right and wrong, the truth, rather than a mediated false outcome provided by government policy, or government control methods, in what ever roll and what ever capacity I can. I am wholly INNOCENT, as the child caused the injury to himself, all by his own actions, and for which on my part was completely unforeseeable to me as a Parent and as a Police Offcier - an accident. I am devoted to my son Samuel Charles Fielden, and justice in its truest meaning, please donate. Thank you for your support.


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