A.F.M Free veg

A.F.M Free veg

Our aim is to educate people, provide somewhere to acquire the knowledge and skills to grow free vegetables for volunteers and pensioners

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

With the rise of energy bills, taxes and travel costs and general living expenses. We are constantly on the lookout for a good deal.  A.F.M are looking to provide that deal. We want to provide an environment in which local residents can trade a little time in return for a vegetable hamper. We aim to provide free hampers for local pensioners and or families with special needs. We intend to hold "grow your own" workshops in a bid to offer people the chance to better their knowledge and understanding of horticulture and agriculture.  If you don't want a hamper for yourself but would like to give a gift  hamper to an elderly loved one or even a random anonymous hamper donation to a complete stranger all it would cost is a little time. People will donate their time in many different ways. 

Physical work

distributing advertisements

delivering hampers 

research and development of new ideas

car pooling Etc. 

schools could get involved and teach younger people that food is not just from Tesco and that the world will benefit from a society that helps each other to feel better and not just make a profit.