A European Affair

A European Affair

To develop a revolutionary ballet fusing classical technique with urban styles, exploring themes of love, migration & freedom of movement.

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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 3:30pm 16th August 2018

This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 3:30pm 16th August 2018

A European Affair by Ballet Vision


Any Bregrets? A single vote has exposed deep divisions, and many feel betrayed...

On 23 June 2016, UK voters narrowly voted to leave the European Union. The reasons were manifold.  In the many attempts to understand the Leave vote, we sometimes forget that nearly half of voters (48.1%) voted to remain. The nation is deeply divided.  In order to address this issue, Ballet Vision is developing an exciting revolutionary new ballet,  exploring  social justice  themes related to a Post Brexit fall out of migration,  loss of identity and freedom of movement.

"Emotions are a fundamental aspect of many perceptual or cognitive states, and the experience of dance is clearly imprinted with emotions." Duncan and Barrett, 2007

At the initial stage of  seed funding,  we need to raise funds  to create a high quality promotional video  to grab attention and reveal the full artistry  of our future touring dance production A European Affair. This was when we started to think outside of the box.  Why  not combine the filming of our dancers with  a filmed live performance and invite supporters along.  As a valued supporter, we  invite you  to A European Affair Uncut where you can  watch  dancers perform key pieces before our future production is released! A European Affair Uncut is an entertaining  theatrical performance combining film, set dance pieces, interviews with the dancers and a post show debate. After the performance,  unload your own feelings  in our debate,  In defence of  freedom of movement.     

 "Attending a performance can promote a connection with and understanding of humanity in a bigger sense."  Jola and Grosbras, 2013

Why is this project unique?

There are so many ways this project is unique,  but here are a few ways we are aiming to bring ballet into the 21st century

 Social justice narratives for ballet

In the past few decades, classical dance companies have come to rely heavily on reinventions of existing narrative ballets and straightforward adaptations of well-known literary classics,  at the expense of genuine experimentation and contemporary subject.  Ballet needs to move forwards into the 21st century. At Ballet Vision,  we feel compelled to  create A European Affair to demonstrate that a modern classic  can  carry a new narrative and specifically a  social justice message,  using depth but of course touches of humour and pathos at the same time.  Are you intrigued to see how modern social justice narrative merges effectively with ballet ? If so, you can view a  short urban ballet film starring Sadie Black´ Not for Sale´ here which highlights the issues of trafficking. (Choreography Samantha Jennings) click Not for Sale.

Not For Sale


Female Ballet Choreographers under represented in the dance industry

Female ballet choreographers are still critically under represented in the dance industry today . It´s readily accepted there are many contemporary dance female choreographers, but not established  female ballet choreographers. See article here: Female ballet choreographers

Freedom of movement

In terms of freedom of movement, in the sense of dance movement,  our performance will show  newly choreographed pieces which stretch the conventions of classical dance by fusing a classical ballet language with Urban Euro styles.   Can this work?

In the second part of this film Working Dreams Choreographed by Samantha Jennings (2017 Lisbon, Portugal) you can  see  how  effectively  Grand Prix winner Chang Chung Hung merges classical ballet & Tai Chi (shadow section) and moves seamlessly from classical ballet to his own improvised body popping section towards the end stages of the film.

Video for working dreams youtube Chang Chung Samantha Jennings▶ 3:34                                                  


"Dance is a powerful means of non verbal communication, and when words fail, movement  has the  capacity  to speak." Samantha Jennings, 2018 

Who are we?

Ballet Vision  is directed by  award winning choreographer  Samantha Jennings.  Here is our vision statement

" Presenting cutting edge ballets rooted in social justice commentary." 

 Ballet Vision is  the title which unites an ever expanding  group of talented and established artists, colleagues and friends  who give their professional time and skills to collaborate with Samantha on arts narratives in film and dance. Here are some of us... Samantha Jennings Directing Choreographer, Kit Jennings Co Producer & art work, Dallas North ARAD ex RBS Creative Advisor,  Simon Bovey Worcester University/ BBC writer (Simon has overseen the plot outline for the future production A European Affair),  Richard Goodwin, advisor, Ruth Eglesfield  Story proof-reader, Bridget Dowty, Brexit Research, Geoff Hall Arts Mentor, Dr Liz Swift , Performing Arts (Gloucestershire University),   Nigel Harper (UK) &  Gonçalo Barriga in Portugal for masterful photography and filming insight. Oliver Sadie (composer)  gift of  royalty free  on music Run, Discover Live (Working Dreams).  Sadie Black US- Professional Dancer on Not For Sale,  Chang Chung Hung Taiwan - Dancer on Working Dreams...and many more....


See a story of  love, migration and the freedom of movement told through dance. With your help to seed fund our first filmed evening, we will be able to continue to develop  A European Affair into a full length production.

We will spend the money in this way.

Total: £4838


 We have an array of inviting stepped rewards for all our crowd funders whom we are truly grateful. Please see donations and rewards page. 

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