A dream to be an airline pilot

A dream to be an airline pilot

Achieve my dream and fly wonderful metal birds in the sky!!!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Since being a youngster, around the age of 5 I've dreamed of being an airline pilot. Recently I've embarked on making my dream a reality. I've applied and proved myself worthy of a place at Oxford cae. To which I needed a large funding to go through. A family member had said they had the money and would happily make it available to me. So I continued in my crusade to gain my 1st class medical, to which I have achieved. When getting to this point I need my family member to produce said promise to which hasn't come to fulfilment, leaving me at a dead end.

So I urge aviators and people of all professions to help set my dream in motion. Even if I don't get the amount needed to go to cae, I will use the money to go down a modular route. Which will cost between 50-60k . But for starts 8k for a private pilot license would be amazing.

one way or another my dream will become a reality.

Thanks for looking. Hope life is all you hope and wish.