A Dramatic MSc Rescue Mission

A Dramatic MSc Rescue Mission

I'm Neringa, a Passionate Y Generation Representative Who've Been Offered a Place to Study an MSc in SCLM at Warwick and I Need Your Help!

We did it!

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Thank you for visiting my appeal page. 

My name is Neringa Stuopelyte, I am passionate and ambitious young representative of Y generation who has been offered a place to study an MSc in Supply Chain and Logistics Management (3 Year Course) at the Business School of Warwick University, which is one of the top educational institutions in the UK.

Born and raised in small town in Lithuania, I have attended a prestigious Eduardas Balsys Gymnasium of Arts that later on helped me to secure a place at Middlesex University for BA in Creative studies.

For me, A Masters degree of Science is the fulfillment of one of my life's ambitions and a childhood dream come true and I do believe that education is one of the most important things in everyone’s life.

Unfortunately, University of Warwick doesn’t offer scholarships for the kind of MSc studies I have chosen as well as my parents are unable to support me financially. I am also saving as much as possible of my current wages. 

Sadly, when I factor in my tuition fees, college administration and dining fees, books and stationery costs and other living expenses, I am still short by several thousand pounds. I face the prospect of being unable to fund my living costs and having to apply for a crippling bank loan for tuition fees which would be still not enough to fund my studies (let’s be precise - the overall cost is: £23,827). I have to confirm that I'll be taking up my place, and pay my tuition and school fees up front, by 1st of June.



My lifetime ambition is to become an innovative, ethical and influencial Supply Chain Proffessional.

I do believe that if every single business starts thinking about the world and the future generations using the advantage of new technologies, - they/WE can make a difference - The difference that does not destroy, but create.


The Next Step

I would love to gain PhD/MBA later within my carrier but unless I can secure funding for my Master's degree, this is practically impossible. Since the UK no longer fund graduate students, only doctoral students, there is a funding chasm between undergraduate and postgraduate study that bright, ambitious candidates from very poor families, like myself, cannot possibly bridge.



About me

My interests in Process: 

Process of manufacturing.

Process of development.

Process of finding innovative ways to reach your goals.

Process of finding the new solutions.

Process of solving issues.

Process of... 


Passion for Fashion

The process of creating.

I have been creating some leather & metal accessories under the name NEANGA.

I am very passionate about what I do and believe: “Designs by Neanga are created using metals, combined with leather that bring dinamics into the pieces."

I love using subtle bending and cold joining techniques, creating different forms in the metal that gives extra strength as well as flexibility. The aim is to create accessories that becomes part of the owner’s collection of accessories and an essential component in their everyday life.

Some the most recognizable designs have been awarded and exhibited in international competitions.

Please, visit Neanga FB page for more information:





Passion for Baking

I have recently discovered a creative world of baking.

All my interests are based on process - not the goals. Understanding the reasons and progress of process allow me to enjoy through the project development.


My home made Sourdough Starter. 

         It is time for baking bread             


Home baked Simit bagels. 



Pitta Bread. Home made is always better.





Why I need help

Although I am a very well-occupied person, unfortunately none of the two prongs of my existence (creative crafts and baking) really earn me any money. 

All donations, even the smallest ones, would be hugely appreciated. I am so excited by the prospect of doing this degree, and if enough people were to give a little something, I might actually be able to. 

Thank you in advance for anything you feel you can contribute. I will be eternally grateful!


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