A Different Kind Of Garage

by Jamie Blunden in Cheltenham, England, United Kingdom

A Different Kind Of Garage
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

We want to offer a friendly, professional service to those who need and want it from elderly motorists to single parents.

by Jamie Blunden in Cheltenham, England, United Kingdom

Hi everyone

My name is James i am the proud owner of JRB Automotive Solutions i started this business a little over 2 years ago after nearly 10 years in the motor trade and after having enough of seeing sales staff squeezing each customer for extra cash, when better options were available. day in day out i would witness everything from pensioners and single parents being subject to the same corporate treatment, from extended waiting times, misleading information and high pressure selling tactics, all to reach a arbitrary target set by a multi-million pound company.

Coming from a low income single family home myself i knew the pressures these customers faced, not truly understanding what they were being told and being forced to make a quick decision with money they didn't really have.

So i left the work force to create my answer to this offering a mobile mechanics service which allowed customers to stay within the comfort of their own home, speaking directly to their technician and being given all the information and being allowed to go away to make an informed decision and so far so good over 100 5 star reviews, the brand is getting recognised and customers are happy.

however it is time for the next step we want to offer a proper workshop, a base of operations that will allow us to offer a wider range of repairs to a more extensive range of vehicles as well as offering recovery to those who are unfortunate enough to brake down 

Unfortunately having put all the income back into the business already and leaving myself with nothing financially to show for my labours, with the winter about to set in and reduce suitable working conditions i feel i may not be able to get the funds together in time to promote and develop the business without having to give it up all together due to the expensive nature of running a garage.

We have been receiving advise from local business coaches and accountants on what the next steps should be however the initial cost of a unit and setting up the workshop is what is preventing the company moving forward.

any help would be much appreciated and i know my future and current clients would be thankful that the business would be allowed to continue.

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