A creative media & events company (Start up costs)

Help to combat mental health issues whilst supporting the start-up of a creative media and events production company.

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I am Matt Coot. I am the founder and Creative Director of Rallidae Productions. I am in need of your support.

What planned projects will your donations help with?

Rallidae Productions is involved with several projects to be taking place over the next few years. Most of these projects are aimed at fighting the stigma of mental health, raise awareness of mental health issues, and raise money for those services that help those who struggle with mental health issues.

I am someone who struggles with mental health. I have attempted to take my life several times and I have a history of self-harm. There are days when life feels impossible to live, whereas others feel like I am invincible. I struggle with Bipolar Disorder (Type II).

1. BiPolar (Short animated film)

Rallidae Productions is working in partnership with local 2D animator, Becca Bright, on a short animated film about Bipolar Disorder. I wrote the script for this film when I was struggling to think of how to explain my disorder to people and considering how to explain it to my friends' young children. The animated film is hoped to be something that can be used to open up conversation about mental health and, in particular, Bipolar Disorder.

The film will focus on the story of a polar bear, who is struggling with depression following the death of his partner. He is left to look after their young cubs and is struggling to cope. The film will also focus on a penguin, who is suffering from mania, and how this affects his life and his family. With the themes of duality (with it being set in the North and South poles; with the polar bear's story being set during the Polar Night, the longest period of darkness, and with the penguin's story set in daylight; with the depression and the mania both being represented; and with the very nature of the film being in 2D), we hope to deepen the creative links to Bipolar Disorder. 

Donating to this Crowdfunder campaign will help to make this short film a reality.

2. Impossible (Online drama series)

This science fiction drama series will be based solely online. It will bring together the writing talents of many screenwriters from throughout the UK. These writers are varied in experience but are all very talented. The writers will work together in a "writers room" setting to create and develop the scripts for the series.

Impossible will be an anthology series with many storylines being told throughout the series, all linked in someway. The series will be based around the discovery of time travel and will follow several storylines linked to the concept of time travel. The storylines will promote issues and values such as: equality, LGBTQ+ rights, mental health issues, and homelessness.

Donating to this Crowdfunder campaign will help to:

  • Fund any fees and expenses generated during the "writers room" aspect of the project;
  • Fund the production costs of producing the series.

3. What's In The Fridge (Short film)

This short film was written by a local sixth form student, Micah Barlow. Rallidae Productions will be working with Micah, along with several other sixth form students, to produce this horror short film. This project is envisioned to give the students work experience on a film set and to introduce them to the world of making short films.

We have previously raised money for this short film, which helped to fund the purchasing of props and special effects required to make the film.

Donating to this Crowdfunder campaign will help to purchase the equipment necessary to shoot a professional short film.

4. Short documentaries.

Rallidae Productions will be working with a variety of people to make short documentaries about their struggles with mental health issues and what they do to combat them. It is hoped these documentaries will help to inspire others to open up and to find what helps them too.

Donating to this Crowdfunder campaign will help to purchase the equipment necessary to make these short documentaries.

5. Events.

Working with our Events Co-ordinator, Reyhannon McMichael, we will be creating and running several events to raise awareness and funds for mental health issues and the services that help those who suffer from them. 

Donating to this Crowdfunder campaign will help to make these events possible through the purchase of much needed equipment and the renewal of our Public Liability Insurance.

And this is just the start. If you help us to start our journey, we will be about to work on many projects to help others.

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