We all Need That Extra Help!

Looking to Help 10 Elderly/Disabled people with their weekly cleaning requirements.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful
Project Aim
This project is aiming to raise enough money to help at least 10 elderly and disabled people with their cleaning.
Who am I?
My name is Colin Cunningham; I’m the 26 year old owner of a cleaning services business, covering Fife. I started part time cleaning with a friend in my teens to earn some extra money to help with household bills and day to day living. When I saw what a difference we were making to people’s lives just by helping with general home cleaning tasks on a weekly basis, I realised that my passion for cleaning meant so much to those we were cleaning for, so seven years ago I started “Easy Cleaners”, and we’ve not looked back! Going from part time and earning around £440 per month to now turning over £150k per year, I am now in a position to help people who can’t afford a weekly cleaner.
What the Money is For??
In the Fife area, approximately 1 in 5 elderly/disabled people are in need of some cleaning assistance, as they are unable to clean their own homes and can’t even afford to pay someone to help them. We are looking to raise £8640 to help provide 10 people with 2 hours cleaning per week for a whole year. We normally charge £12 per hour to clean someone’s home: £8 is paid directly to the cleaner, £1 goes towards cleaning products, and the remaining £3 is invested back into the business. HOWEVER- for this fundraising campaign, Easy Cleaners is not taking the £3, as we are not intending to make any profit from this campaign. 1 person will get 2 hours of cleaning per week which will cost £18 x 4 = £72 per month We do hope you feel positive and will be willing to back this project. If you haven’t already, please do watch my video which will hopefully explain the project a in more detail.
" A Clean Place, is a Happy Place"
Thanks from all the staff at Easy Cleaners Cleaning Services Ltd