A Christmas in Colour

by Katie Styles in Bath, England, United Kingdom

A Christmas in Colour


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For my dad to have a Christmas In Colour.

by Katie Styles in Bath, England, United Kingdom

Hello from the UK, my name is Katie and this funding is on behalf of my dad Rob. I want this to be a surprise for christmas and the best gift of all - A christmas in colour. My dad suffers with what's called Red-green colorblindness, this is the most common type of colorblindness and It is inherited in an X-linked recessive manner, it affects 6% of males.

I remember so clearly a story of my dad doing colour by numbers in school and was the only little boy in his class to have a different looking picture. My dad has selftaught himself throughout life to accomplish tasks that usually is beyond what a colour blind person can do. When becoming an electrician and plumber my dad taught himself colours of wires in his own way and always got the job done. 

 My cause is to raise money for my dad to be able to see what we do. Over the years I’ve noticed he doesn’t get excited for sunsets when we do, see the changes in the leaves around different seasons, and sometimes we don’t mention things at all as it feels like we’re lucky to see what he can’t and I feel like being able to see our world in vibrancy is something that shouldn’t be taken from him. He’s always been amazed when seeing adverts for the Enchroma glasses and i'd love to see his reaction, everyone should be able to say they've seen around the world in colour, why can't he, he's a hard worker and never asks for much. I want to gift him this and make the rest of his life.

So i'm asking kindly for your help, to help raise some money so I can purchase these special glasses for my dad and you can all help make his Christmas. And ours by seeing his reaction. I’m a recent graduate and I think of all the things in my dads life that he hasn’t seen in colour and it’s upsetting. 

Every year we go for a multi coloured christmas tree and i want him to have the same reactions his family does to the beautiful things around him. 


Thank you, Styles family. 

Let's make 'A Christmas in Colour' happen

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