A chance for an education for Paulbert

by will-lister in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

A chance for an education for Paulbert
We did it
On 26th June 2017 we successfully raised £55 with 4 supporters in 42 days

To rais enough money for my friend Paulbert to gain some qualifications, alowing him to get a job and provide some security for his family.

by will-lister in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

During the six months I working in rural Madagascar I worked with many amazing people in incredibly disadvantaged positions. Death is an extraordinarily common thing in communities living without the luxury of medical facilities and an NHS. A death in the family can also be completely debilitating financially as traditional funeral costs can outnumber the income of an entire family.

There were many young me I worked with who changed my perception of the way I live and many other things, but one who struck me as intelligent, hardworking and frankly wasted on the manual labour he was doing for work was Paulbert. His no complaint attitude towards the hard labour he was doing for £1.25 per day and obvious keen desire to learn English from me whenever he could was striking. He had been planning on going to university before his father died June 2016.  

After a little research I discovered that one year of university education and housing in the local city would cost £275 per year, that’s less than I spent on my phone contract last year! So I wanted to raise this money for Paulbert. Through talking to him though we worked out his priority was providing some financial security for his large extent family and a few basic qualifications would allow him to get a job. So this is now the aim of the fundraising. Paulbert has a large extended family who have lived on the same piece of land for twelve generations, that’s over 360 years! They are about a mile walk from the nearest road and typically in the area there is no electricity or running water. A small donation on our part truly could be life changing for this wonderful family.      

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