A chair for my dad.

A chair for my dad.

Help purchase a ergonomic chair for my dad who suffers with severe back issues after a car crash.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Around 3 years ago, my dad was involved in a car crash, which was not his fault.

Since this time he has suffered with his back quite severely. He had to take time off work, go for medical care for around 2 years, and is now unable to do some of the things he would have used to do with me and my brother.

He also does a lot of driving in the car, and his new company car does not have lumbar support, so he is not getting the support that his back needs - however, this I cannot help.

But he also has to do a lot of work at his desk, and at his computer. The chair he currently uses is old, creaky, and very uncomfortable chair that he has had for around 8 years. I myself, a year ago, saved up hard and purchased a GT Omega chair for myself - and I have to say, it is the most comfortable thing I have ever sat on! My dad also says the same when he sits on it, and he often remarks that he would love to have one - but simply does not have a spare £170 to spare!

I am asking you to help me purchase the chair for my dad, so that at least when he is working at his desk, he is not suffering with his back.

Please Note: I do understand that this is a much less important post than most other posts on this site, and I understand if you do not want to support this - I fully understand that there are many other people on here who have much more severe cases, who deserve the support more - I agree! But I am just asking that if you have a spare £1, please consider this, as it would mean the world to me to be able to raise the money for the chair for my dad, after everything he does for me and my brother.

Thankyou for your time.