A Celebration of Charity

by Ruth Patton in Blackpool, England, United Kingdom

A Celebration of Charity
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

To inspire and motivate people to get involved with the nations charities. Wider aim is to bring about more proactive and inclusive society

by Ruth Patton in Blackpool, England, United Kingdom

The money will be used to create a Membership Website & Community attached to and in the spirit of the existing Patton’s website.


This would be an online community around the theme of re-use, re-cycle, up-cycle, avoid landfill, etc.  It would be centered around the nation's charities and they're shops, which are a great source of all kinds of goods.

Membership cost would be kept low at maybe, £3 per month, which is 75p per week, and so enable many to get involved.

Community members and charities can share tips, advice, ideas, progress on they're projects.  Charities can inform the community of goods they have which would be of interest to the community, or any workshops or courses they may be offering.

Apart from being a very vibrant online world, this community would also have social and environmental benefits like, 

Supporting the charities and all that comes with them

Promoting re-use of goods as much as possible

Saving goods from landfill, or worse still fly-tipping

Provide a gateway to get more involved with the charities - volunteer - buy - donate.

Develop other community links with businesses, schools, other social groups 

Provide a route to socialising, friendships and skills development

And of course, would be great FUN


Even before the current situation ( Corona ) this initiative was needed, but now the charities will be paramount in the recovery of the UK when things start to get back to normal.  And more people that are involved in supporting them and they're work the better things will be for us all.


Many years of government cut-backs have left significant holes in communities, and all kinds of support and care systems and this is not likely to end any time soon. Support services can't be organised, they can't be managed and they can't be financed so things will probably get worse, not better. 

The future of the UK is going to depend upon more diverse and inclusive collaborations and partnerships.

Patton's Community would make it easy for people to get involved with existing charities, with a view to harnessing the power of the many, to address some of the issues in communities. 

CHARITY PARTNERS - Patton's currently has 279 charity partners ( and growing ) who have a presence on the website with info and links to relevant content. These charities, along with their invaluable volunteers, and other supporters,  have a huge impact in our country, and beyond.  The vision is to bring all of this energy, passion, and opportunity into one beautiful and engaging online portal which will inspire people to get involved. There is a wide range of opportunities in the charities of today, eg - 

Retail - Warehousing -  Office Admin - Events - Fundraising - Online Digital - Social Media - Up-cycling - Re-cycling - Drivers - Cafes - Catering - Animal Welfare - Be-friending - Arts & Crafts - Environmental Welfare - and more.

The charities would gain from having a free advert for themselves and their work, on a modern, efficient, up to date platform,  individuals would gain from being active, social, involved, gaining skills, friendships, and communities would gain from all that was enabled.

The money raised would be used to engage advice, support, and expertise on how best to develop the project to reach its potential and have longevity.  I would also pursue more Networking opportunities to expand awareness of the project and engage more diverse support, more businesses.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£5 or more


Patton's online community. The mission is to engage with the nation's charities and their shops to re-cycle, upcycle, repair, re-use and save goods from landfills. Sourcing goods from the charity shops, members would use their talent and knowledge to reinvent goods, or repair them for use again. Members can share their knowledge, projects and ideas with community members, and the charities can promote their vast array of goods.

£30 or more

£30 Reward

6 months of free membership of the Community

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