A camera to create awareness

Raising awareness about our oceans and water ways through pictures. To continue to do this we need to upgrade our underwater camera.

We did it!

On 4th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £705 with 12 supporters in 56 days

I have been taking people underwater for 17 years, experiencing nature  unencumbered by equipment. Freediving allows you to exlpore the underwater world without disturbing the natural habbitat. 

We explore alot in the UK, in lakes at the top of mountains, in underground river systems, or simply discovering the diverse wildlife around the south coast.
In addition we also exlpore unerwater enviroments in other countrys, from the warm triving red sea, to the freezing desolt lakes of Iceland. 

Our aim is to raise the awareness about our environment by taking photographs so as to share the beauty that our underwater world has to offer. Normally these pictures are given freely, and feature regulally in national magazines or during talks at exibits to educate the public, however I have decided to sell prints, and photo shoots to try to raise the money to upgrade our underwater camera.

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