Instrucrazone - The New DIY Marketplace

by Samuel bagshaw in Dobcross, England, United Kingdom

Instrucrazone - The New DIY Marketplace
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Allows inventors and Engineers to globally share their interesting inventions and crafts, and provide instructions on how they are built.

by Samuel bagshaw in Dobcross, England, United Kingdom

Hi, I am Samuel Bagshaw, CEO of instructazone. I am a qualified engineer with over 5 years experience in the british aerospace industry. My strengths include creativity, imagination, and positivity. I work hard to achieve my goals, and I never give up on anything I am passionate about. I came up with the idea to provide access for inventors and engineers to share their DIY products, and the instructions, tools and materials to build the product. This will all be operated on our website, and to show others how they are made, hence why I created and launched Instructazone back in December 2018.

Instructazones objective has gained large interest whilst in decelopment, as it is something which Is brand new to the industry, and is completely new and exiting.

We are currently in the position where we need funds to hire web developers, so that we can create the website successfully and securely. Once we hire a web developer, the website should be completed in 2 months time (as it is already half way there), and therefore ready to attract customers. You can actually have a look and get a good idea of what the website will look like (There is still a lot more to be done, hence why we need a web developer with more knowledge on how to create what we want).

We also need funds for advertisement. We will be reaching out to inventors, crafters, and DIY fanatics interested in sharing products they have made. We will be doing this via social media, including youtube, facebook, twitter and instagram.

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