A Bungalow for Ben

A Bungalow for Ben

Raising funds to allow my terminally ill friend, somewhere safe and suitable to live after two attempted burglaries in 24 hours!

We did it!

On 5th Oct 2015 we successfully raised £280 with 15 supporters in 56 days

Project aim

Raising funds to allow my terminally ill friend, somewhere safe and suitable to live, after two attempted burglaries in 24 hours! 

About the project

Ben (left) & Joe (right) Styles

My name is Jonathan Berisford and Ben Styles is a great friend of mine. I have known him most of my life along with his brother Joe and the rest of their family.

Ben has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and is hooked up to a ventilator to assist with his breathing as his lungs are now too weak to function correctly due to the debilitating disease that has hindered him and his brother since they were young.

Sadly last year, Joe, Ben's twin brother who also had Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, passed away. For Ben to see what will ultimately be the same death he will have was truely harrowing. Ben and Joe were together always. There was never a Joe without a Ben or a Ben without a Joe and Joe's death hit the family hard. 

Diane and Nigel, Ben and Joe's Mum and Dad, have cared and supported Ben and Joe all their lives as their full time carers with the assistance of their other children and carers from local authority. With the cuts that local authorities have had over the past few years, it has been hard on the family to provide the care that Ben (and Joe) rightly deserve.

I have decided to set up this crowdfunding page to try and raise funds after a potentially life threatening situation presented itself this past weekend.

There were two attempted burglaries at the home of Ben. These attempts have hit hard with Ben. 

It is presumed that the burglaries will have been attempted with the aim of stealing Bens expensive and vitally important breathing equipment and equipment that helps him live day to day. 

Ben currently lives in shared accommodation close to the centre of Preston. The area is blighted with a high crime rate. 

The house is not suitable for Ben to live in as it is an old Victorian property, that does not have suitable access or facilities. The large windows to the property also make visible, all the important equipment that Ben needs to stay alive, to potential burglars and opportunist thieves. 

You can see some reports from the media that have subsequently been made. Ben's views and those of his Mum and Dad are that it is unsafe for him to live so close to the city in the high crime area that he is, along with the fact that he is living in a building built over 100 years ago, that is not fit for purpose.





Ben Before The attempted Burglary.

MY aim is to raise funds to enable Ben to find somewhere more suitable to live. Somewhere that provides a safe environment for Ben to live in. Somewhere that is or can be adapted to allow Ben to live out his life comfortably without having to 'make do and mend' as is being done currently.

I would love for Ben to be able to have somewhere to relax and enjoy the things he does, be that movies, animals, cars, Preston North End and the many other things important to Ben.

Currently, Ben and his family are horrified to think that the burglary attempts were made for the important life supporting equipment that Ben has. The burglaries could only have been for this important equipment, as he doesnt have many belongings worth much to others...

If another attempt is made, those responsible could come prepared with weapons or tools to cause harm and damage. Ben could ultimately end up dying if his equipment is stolen if another attempt goes one step further and is successful...

I dread to think of the implications that may arise if burglars break in and do cause harm. 

I would urge anyone to dig deep and help raise some funds to allow Ben a future that won't be blighted by worry and stress with the knowledge that there is someone out there that wants to steal his vital equipment. 

Ben desperately needs somewhere safe, suitable and appropriate to live. With the lack of local authority housing that is suitable to Bens specific needs, it is really hard to find somewhere to live at the click of a finger.

As a legacy to Ben and Joe, I would love, and be eternally greatful, that if funds were raised to provide a suitable place for Ben to live out his life, this would be used in the future for other young, disabled and terminally ill people to live once Ben passes away.

Looking to the future is not something that Ben and his family have done so with open arms of late. They have been living day to day, not knowing what tomorrow will bring; I truely hope that it is not a successful burglary that has a detrimental affect to Ben's Health or wellbeing, or that of those present when caring for Ben. 

Many thanks for taking the time to read this crowdfunding page. I look forward to hearing any messages of support and look forward in anticipation of any pledges that you make.

Most Sincerely,


Jonathan Berisford.



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