A Bridge for Cloudbridge Nature Reserve!

Cloudbridge Nature Reserve is raising money to build a much needed bridge across turbulent water in a remote part of the reserve.

We did it!

On 7th Jan 2016 we successfully raised £880 with 28 supporters in 21 days


Cloudbridge Nature Reserve is raising money to build a bridge across the turbulent section of water known as Victor's Falls. The bridge will help facilitate the reforestation of areas beyond the crossing by making this area accessible to Cloudbridge staff and volunteers, as well as enabling safer access for researchers and for all who visit the reserve.

Any money raised beyond the initial target will be used to purchase further equipment for the important work being done to research and restore this precious slice of forest.



Cloudbridge extends over 700 acres of brilliant cloud forest among the deep valleys of Costa Rica's Talamanca Mountains. At 1800m (5000 to 8500ft) Cloudbridge is also Costa Rica's highest reserve, and consequently fosters a unique set of habitats which are home to a rich tapestry of fauna and flora. The Reserve boasts 5 out of the 6 types of Costa Rican wildcat, several altitudinally limited bird species whilst serving as a critical corridor between other surrounding reserves and national parks.

Cloudbridge is a privately-owned, donor-funded reserve, which means it doesn't receive any external money and consequently all of its spending must be managed through donations and fundraising. (See cloudbridge.org). Its goals are:

  1. To preserve a precious part of the tropical world forever.
  2. To help reforest those areas which had been converted to cattle pasture.
  3. To Educate visitors to Protect the biodiversity for which the neotropical forests, and those in Costa Rica in particular, are so famous.

As well as being free to enter for the public (donations are welcomed) Cloudbridge is increasingly popular with researchers and volunteers who help with tree planting, vegetable gardening, building projects, and trail maintenance. Scientific data gleaned from the research reports are posted on the website to share with the broader science community. 

The founder and management staff believe in open access to education and that all should be able to walk in the wilderness. Only by experiencing it, can people truly understand the intrinsic value value of this precious forest, and the need to preserve it. To this end, costs to stay at Cloudbridge are very low for volunteers, and Cloudbridge is the only Wildlife Reserve in Cost Rica that does not charge an entry fee. 


Cloudbridge manages over 11km of signed trails which are open to the public 12 months a year. A bridge over the waters directly in front of the area known as Victor's falls will enable further reforestation of land beyond the falls, and grant safer access for researchers and ecotourists to explore a section of the park which has been previously hard to reach. 

It is our hope that opening up this trail will further encourage hikers to explore the forest, enable our workers and volunteers to plant more trees, and provide the opportunity for researchers to gather more scientific data to further raise the profile of conservation and the nature of biodiversity in this region.


£2500 (approx US$3800) will pay for all materials and local labour required to build a wire bridge with safety netting across the river at Victor's Falls. 

Any money raised beyond the initial target will be used to purchase additional useful equipment for the continued progress and upkeep of the reserve, including camera traps, high magnification digital microscopes and temperature-humidity loggers. These will be used to further document the plants and animals found throughout Cloudbridge, and thereby facilitate the research into this important biodome and attract attention to the urgent need for conservation. 



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