A break for Charlie and Auntie

by Cheryll in Eldersfield, England, United Kingdom

A break for Charlie and Auntie


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To assist Charlie and Auntie, best of friends, in raising the costly transport fees for them to go on holiday together.

by Cheryll in Eldersfield, England, United Kingdom

This is Charlie Avent and his horse Auntie, Charlie and auntie spend a lot of time together teaching people about autism and raising awareness of the condition and have appeared on BBC and other media together. Auntie has been completely life changing and life-saving for Charlie who now has a good reason it’s morning to get up and take care of himself before proudly taking care of Auntie but the two of them have only recently been reunited after Auntie went out on loan when things got financially difficult for Charlie. Charlie has always had a dream of taking his horse down to where he grew up in Cornwall to go camping on the Lizard peninsular learning Parelli natural horsemanship and playing in the sea together in July 2021 but of course such a trip and such a holiday isn’t without expense so Charlie’s friends from his team set up this crowd funder to see if we could at least get the money for the accommodation and the holiday itself sorted. Charlie has already found a horse transport company but the total cost so far without transport stands at £650 for the week. For most people saving up for a holiday it’s very easy because they have a regular job Charlie’s disability makes this impossible however so we are asking that if anybody out there which is to make a contribution they can do so here. But with the recent pandemic and the other problems with finances and a loan which did not work out with his horse Auntie. Charlie has not had a proper holiday in years and it would do his mental health and physical health so much good to get some fresh sea air especially since he is also asthmatic. Charlie was very concerned about asking people for help he is understandably anxious about what people will think of him and doesn’t want to look like he’s begging or scrounging. Thank you very much for your time and an even bigger thank you if you’re able to donate.

Let's make 'A break for Charlie and Auntie' happen

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