A Boost for the Brave

by Ashling in London, England, United Kingdom

A Boost for the Brave


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Delivering gifts of gratitude to our NHS critical care front line workers hoping to brighten up their day!

by Ashling in London, England, United Kingdom


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The global COVID-19/ Corona pandemic is going to affect many people across the world. A group of people who will be directly affected by this crisis for the upcoming months are our NHS front line workers.

A Boost for the Brave want to let our healthcare heroes know how much we appreciate them. We have teamed up with the Critical Care wards of the NHS London Hospitals to deliver weekly thank-you gifts to NHS staff who are working so hard caring for patients affected by COVID-19/ Corona. They deserve to have a lovely surprise & something to enjoy with their loved ones at home.



My mother Noreen was the driving force behind setting up A Boost for the Brave. She was a midwife in the NHS herself for many years & believes very strongly in supporting the NHS workers who are risking their lives treating patients who have been affected by COVID-19/ Corona.



At least one member of staff from within each Critical Care ward of the NHS London Hospitals will be nominated to receive a gift each week by their ITU matron. To start with, a Boost for the Brave will then send a luxury food & wine hamper to the nominated individual’s house. We hope to be able to deliver a small amount of joy to these remarkable individuals during a very tough time for them.

£3,000 a week will enable us to deliver 1 gift per hospital, but we hope to be able to nominate many more people with the more donations we receive! Any other gift ideas for these wonderful people to enjoy at home are more than welcome - please get in touch!

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