A Binder for Griffyn
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I am in a poor situation which means as a Trans male I am unable to afford a chest binder which I desperately need.

by Griffyn Mitchell-Roberts in Ardeonaig, Scotland, United Kingdom

I came out as a Transgender Male earlier in 2018 after repressing it for years but I could no longer hide who I was or How I felt. I'm twenty years old and I was asked to leave my parents home in April of this year and up on till October I was in homeless shelters. As my current situation stands I now have a home and get a small barely liveable amount of money a month while I search for a job. This money is not really enough for food and Bills nevermind to afford a binder. 

I am usually pretty comfortable, so much so that I don't mind wearing typically female clothing and wearing makeup from time to time but recently my dysphoria has gotten so bad I am even finding that difficult to stomach. My chest is not particularly large (a C cup) however I am plus sized which hightens them a lot.  

I have had a look around and for my size my best bet would be to buy a binder from an online seller based in America which with shipping and possible custom charges is far more than I can afford. I hate to do this sort of thing but I just want to feel more comfortable with my self again. I can't take it anymore.

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