A battery of ideas: Computer Blue

A battery of ideas: Computer Blue

I'm raising funds for a MacBook Pro 13"!

We did it!

On 26th May 2017 we successfully raised £1,274 of £1,249 target with 51 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

in the event that I do exceed the cost price of a new laptop then I would put extra money towards setting up a studio 

I'm raising fund for an a MacBook Pro 13"! The HODGSON family so very kindly lent me a laptop in 2008 and whilst this still works, it requires constant plugging into the electrics and its too heavy to carry really. In an effort to ask for help with utmost transparency, I have been awarded the Stuart Hall PhD Studentship worth £36,000 which is prestigious and a lot of money; the reality is that after the fees are taken into account  I see just over £7000 per year for the next three years - I'm expected to move, which is brilliant and I'm thoroughly excited by this but the maintenance aspect of the grant will be swallowed up by rent and, hopefully, finally, studio space (it'd be good if accommodation and studio could double up maybe). So my dilemma is raising funds quickly for access to a laptop as i make efforts to make work, inevitably requiring my mobility, which has the capacity for an increase in my digital acess to knowledges and creativity i.e. working with various new software, storing files, allowing dongle for internet access and not least writing, writing writing etc etc. The reality is that a laptop could help so very much as i endeavour to make work, and make work through PhD. This is not a necessity as we all know but it would make life easier so I'm asking for help.  Just for reading this, without getting furious with me for this request, is really kind, thank you. 

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