A baby to complete our family

by sarahrobson1984 in Wisbech, England, United Kingdom

A baby to complete our family
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

We feel we’ve tried everything & from the outside it seems like we have everything but our one true wish for eachother is to become parents

by sarahrobson1984 in Wisbech, England, United Kingdom

Getting married was the happiest day of our lives, having know eachother for over 20 years as friends (Gary was friends with my older brother as school) both coming from miserable relationships we got together and instantly felt at one with eachother. We truly are best friends. We run a doggy daycare together which is phenomenal, who doesnt want to play with puppies and fur babies all day? but the one thing we are struggling with is having a baby of our own. Having all the tests done, being prodded and poked about we have been told that IVF ICSI is our only option. At writing this i am 33 and Gary is 37 and we feel like time is running out. Unfortunately in our area there is no NHS fertility treatment - it was withdrawn just before we started looking into the possibility of having treatment so the only option is to pay for it which we really cannot afford. We have relatives who help in ways and we have a stable income but we cannot even come close to the fees that the clinics charge, its a horrible thought that we may not have a child because of money. We try to live by the old saying 'life is too short' but this will truly be our biggest regret if we don't at least try everything we possibly can.

Of course we have been counselled by the clinic to prepare us for the possibility that the procedure may not work but we have to try as having a baby will complete our nearly perfect family.

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