Youth Out 4 Youth

Youth Out 4 Youth

A summer youth evangelism, music and poetry concert.

We did it!

On 7th Jul 2015 we successfully raised £815 with 16 supporters in 42 days

Project aim

To raise £4,000 to fund our first summer youth evangelism, music and poetry concert. 

About the project

Celestial Church of Christ Youth Ministry (UK & Northern Ireland Diocese) is committed to helping young people become aware of God as revealed to us in His only son Jesus Christ, thereby responding to Christ in a personal commitment of faith. 


With a keen spirit we equip youth for a lifelong walk with Christ through the demonstration of God’s love, the displaying of gifts and allow God’s presence to minister a message of hope and restoration.


Under the inspiration of The Holy Spirit, it is now time for us to become a Ministry without walls and reach out to the lost and often marginalised youth of the United Kingdom. We ask for your support, and invite you to become co-labourers with us in the Kingdom of God by kindly pledging your time and resources (let’s be real, we are talking about money here) towards our first outdoor summer event tagged “Youth Out 4 Youth” this August!


Just to give you all an idea of where finances are going to be spent. This would be an outdoor event so we plan to secure a park within the South London area. This would also help in widening our audience. We anticipate to cater to about 400 people. Most of our finances would be absorbed through securing of the park, stage set up, Sound and PA system and several licences to ensure that legally all basis are covered. I'm sure you could understand that holding an event of this capacity can be very costly, so your donations would be highly appreciated.


Please donate generously to a worthy cause, and tell a friend! And tell that friend to tell a friend... And tell that friend to... Well, you get the point! LOL

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