Woodland Canopy

To invest in a specialist stretch canvas canopy that will cover the audience and help weatherproof our woodland events

We did it!

On 13th Aug 2014 we successfully raised £3,430 of £3,000 target with 115 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Thank you so much for all of your support.  We have hit our target!

We are thrilled and very excited.

As we have reached our target we have decided to set an over fund target which will help us to invest in more poles and rigging equipment to maximise the versatility of the stretch canvas.

Once again thank you.

Much love from the Rogues.

 Delighted Rogues

The Woodland Canopy

Rogue Theatre is an inventive and imaginative performance company based in Cornwall.  Over the past few years we have developed a wild home for our work and our audiences among the trees of Tehidy Woods, a local public woodland on the North Cliffs.

Creating immersive journeys and performances in the woods has led to a great deal of exciting growth both in terms of Rogue Theatre and our audience and also the growth of an exciting culture that is accessible and affordable to a wide audience from a diverse range of backgrounds. 

In 2013 over 14,000 people took part in our Woodland Projects:

Wild Woodland Summer Ball

Rogue Theatre - Wild Woodland Summer Ball from Ian Bucknole on Vimeo.

The Hallowed

The HALLOWED from Ian Bucknole on Vimeo.

and Winter Wood

Rogue Winter Wood from Ian Bucknole on Vimeo.

We are constantly working to extend the reach of our projects, investing in activities and events that benefit our communities and make the area a better place to live and visit.  We are determined that the work should be accessible whatever the potential audience members circumstances and we have developed schemes and initiatives such as Wild Card that do just that.

As well as affordability and accessibility weather has a major impact on the reach of our work and it's ability to engage new audiences.  As the weather is changeable and hard to predict this project provides a solution that will build audience confidence, ensure that the magic of the woods is not washed away in the rain and will give us the security that we can go ahead in all weather conditions (or at least most!).

So what is this Woodland Canopy?

We have researched to find the best possible solution for our needs:

  • The Canopy must keep the audience dry in a clearing in the heart of the woods
  • It must have minimal visual impact on the natural landscape (or become an interesting feature of it)
  • It must be flexible and fit around the forest floor (including tree stumps and undergrowth)
  • It must be efficient to put up and take down (allowing us to respond quickly to weather patterns that change daily)

Our research led us to stretch canvas structures that offer us the exact flexibility that we need.

Stretch Canvas (Illustration purposes only)

(Image for Illustration purposes, actual canvas may vary in detail)

The most important feature being that it provides the flexibility to use it only if a bad run of weather is predicted.

In an ideal world we would never need to use it and everybody would be able to enjoy the woods in the summer in the sun, but we all know how the summer in the UK can be!

The cost of the canvas is £3,000 with an additional charge of £700 for practical and health and safety training.

We will cover the training costs ourselves and are seeking support to raise £3,000 for the purchase of the tent itself.

We really hope our project is successful so we can grow with confidence and continue to make exciting work with and exciting audience in an exciting environment.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our project.

If you would like to find our more about Rogue Theatre and our work you can visit our website - Rogue Theatre

Or like us on FaceBook - Rogue Theatre UK 

Lots of Love, Rogue x

Wild Woodland Summer Ball 2014

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