I've been picked for the England squad :)

I've been picked for the England squad :)

I'm thrilled to say I've been picked to represent England at the World Indoor Lacrosse Championships in Syracuse, USA, but I need your help!

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I'm thrilled to say I've been selected to represent England at the World Indoor Lacrosse Championships in Syracuse, USA in September this year, but I need your help!

About me

I've been playing my whole life - my older brother joined the local team, Spencer, and I followed suit soon after. It used to be a big family day out when we were younger - my mum, step-dad and 4 siblings used to come and watch my brother and I play. I remember my first match I was wearing one of his old helmets that was too big, but it didn't matter, as I was just so excited to be playing. As I grew older and stronger, I made my way through the ranks at Spencer Club and became a first team player by age 16. I've been lucky enough to win the SEMLA title on multiple occasions, Flags and Blues championships with Spencer and represented South Lacrosse at the British National Championships.There have been significant struggles that I've faced in my journey to being selected for England - losing my biggest fan, my mum, to cancer in 2012 knocked my confidence and toward the end of 2013, I suffered significant damage to my ankle during training - breaking it in 3 places and damaging tendons, which meant I spent most of 2014 recovering and rebuilding my strength. Spencer first team is a very competitive club and nobody's place is safe but I worked hard on my core strength and fitness to ensure I won my place back in the first team when I was fit to play again. Training consists of two sessions on the pitch per week, alongside strength and core training in my own time; this is alongside my full time "real job" as Account Manager for a logistics company.2015 has been an incredible year - Spencer Club have won every title/championship they entered, I was selected for the London team that went to Prague for the Aleš Hřebeský Memorial Cup and being selected to represent Team England at the WILC has been the highlight so far.The journey to the World Cup has only just begun; lacrosse is severely under-funded in the UK - in fact, the English Lacrosse Association receives zero funding from any sports funds, government allocation or councils for it's senior program. Equally, there are no big sponsorship deals from corporations like football or rugby get. Obviously, it's a much smaller sport here in England, but across the world, it's much bigger and teams from other countries attract huge funding and sponsorship. We'll definitely be the under dogs, but what we lack in funding, we make up for in pride and passion! To this end, every player needs to self-fund the entire trip - this means plane tickets, accommodation, food, transport, kit, training facilities - basically every cost is passed onto the players - and that's where I need your help.

I'm asking you to make a donation; any donation, no matter how small, will make such a difference. I know this is slightly different in the sense that I'm not climbing a mountain or running a marathon, but to represent my country in the sport I love would be such an honour and your donation will be helping raise the profile of lacrosse in the UK.Lacrosse is my passion - I live for the weekend when I'm playing and always strive to make sure I'm the best I can be. I can't wait to represent #TeamEngland. Please help my dream become a reality.

Thank you,


If you want to see more about the WILC their website is here


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