Tigers Club Make Over

Time to give the Hyde FC Tigers Social Club a complete makeover.

We did it!

On 30th Jun 2014 we successfully raised £10,015 of £10,000 target with 176 supporters in 46 days

The current Hyde FC Tigers Social Club is looking tired and outdated.

We want to make it a welcoming bright and modern environment for all that visit, be it home fans, travelling away fans or people within the community who want to use the venue for any celebration.

We've been complemented over the past couple of seasons by visiting teams and fans how welcoming and friendly our football club is. Be that the club officials or the many volunteers who give up their time to ensure every match day runs as smoothly as possible, many whom don't even get to see much of the game because of the duties they perform, all unpaid. So we would love our social club to have that same friendly welcoming feeling.

Over the past few seasons we've managed to get away with a lick of paint here and there, cleaning the carpet and some fresh lighting. But now its time to do a complete refit to not only make it welcoming for visiting teams and fans but to also reward those volunteers who give up their time every match day and the loyal fans who follow the team through the good and bad times to give them a social club they deserve.

Travelling around the country to away games we've visited many other teams club houses and most have been a pleasure to have a drink in, and its something we'd like travelling fans who come to Hyde to have.

However refitting out the social club is not going to come cheap and as a small part time club we don't have endless funds to be able to finance a refit of this scale. The list of things that need to be fixed, renewed or improved is a pretty long list.

Things like totally new flooring, replacing tired looking ceiling tiles, fixing the sometimes leaky roof, rewiring the electrics. Those are just some the basic things that we need to do. Then there's the wish list of things over and above the basics we'd like to do, new bar area, new tables and chairs, televisions on every wall and modern sound system so no matter where you are in the club you can see and hear the latest football results on a match day.

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