Think Left: digital socialism

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Think Left: digital socialism
We did it
On 1st December 2015 we successfully raised £10 with 1 supporters in 56 days

Join Think Left in broadening our appeal and increasing our platforms to provide a stronger socialist voice in the media.

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We are extremely proud of the fact that ThinkLeftUK has reached such heights, growing a base of 10,000 followers on Twitter and receiving thousands of views on our website every single week. We never thought this could blow up in the way it did and we now find ourselves providing a voice for socialists across the country.

We don't want to stop there, we want to grow and expand Think Left in order to grow a real socialist voice in British media. We've managed to reach out to thousands of activists in past months but now, we want to reach out to every socialist. We can do this through hosting more events to engage people.

We also want to increase our digital presence. Again, to strengthen the socialist voice in British media. We want to do this by buying a new template for our website which would make sharing easier, allowing us to get our word out there even more & Rebut any Tory or media lies and give a voice to socialists who wish to contribute to our blog.

We are also lacking the proper technology to expand. Our website hosting is no longer suitable for the traffic we receive, it was suitable six months ago when we were a personal site with private blog posts. This has lead to site crashes whenever we release exclusive content.In order to make these changes and expand, we need funding. There is no better and cleaner way to fund this project than through you, our supporters and comrades. We've set our target to £200, here's what that budget will be used for:

£50 - Website hosting improvements - making it faster.£100 - New website template: more responsive, cleaner and better social media integration£50 - App Development (iOS)

Once the money is raised, we will keep all contributors up to date on our developments and you will have an insight into the work we're doing. You'll also be rewarded in future. I hope you can jump on board and help us grow our cause - thank you!


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