The Space Between

Jamie Smith's MABON plays original, InterCeltic music. We're raising funds to release our next album, The Space Between.

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On 8th Oct 2015 we successfully raised £3,048 with 92 supporters in 21 days

Project aim

Jamie Smith's MABON plays original, InterCeltic music. We're raising funds to release our next album, The Space Between.Ry'n ni'n gofyn am gymorth er mwyn rhyddhau ein recordiad newydd, 'The Space Between'.

About the project


Since our early exploits at the turn of the millenium, Mabon has recorded five albums. Every time we have, we've been more satisfied with the results; the critics seem to get increasingly excited, which is nice; and our fans report an exponential rise in kitchen-dancing and driving slowly with the windows open and the stereo turned up. The last album 'Windblown' included songs for the first time - in English and in Welsh - providing reviewers with an easy theme for their work, and giving our loyal supporters some words to sing along with at last, instead of just the "dah-da-dah" they'd always sung along to our instrumental staples.*


This year's new album, The Space Between, is due for release in November 2015.  We have some tasty new songs up our sleeves; an epic Breton-stylee suite; some flights of fancy to far-flung corners of the Celtic world; oh, and of course, some slammin' reels. Gotta have'em! We hope you'll be as excited about 'The Space Between' as we already are.



Your contribution will help us make sure that 'The Space Between' is our best album yet - again. To thank you for your support, we're offering you a range of rewards, from signed, advance copies to a dedication from the stage or VIP tickets.  We'd be delighted to have your support.THE BAND

Jamie Smith is the band's accordionist, vocalist, composer and MD. It is said that if ever he should cut off his curly hair, he would lose his mysterious accordion powers. He is joined in the front line by ninja fiddler Oliver Wilson-Dickson, who can slice watermelons in mid-air with his bow, and bouzouki overlord Adam Rhodes, who resides in Scotland in-between gigs, in a remote tower made of celery.  Matt Downer and Iolo Whelan are the band's drivers. Luckily, they can also play a mean bass and drums respectively, which saves on staffing costs.

The band has played many hundreds of concerts and festivals worldwide, from Cornwall to Canada, Belgium to Borneo, and in dozens of other countries which don't match in convenient alliterative pairs.


Jamie Smith's MABON will be on tour in November 2015 and the spring of 2016, bringing the music as close as they can to their widely-dispersed fans. Look out for shows in Wales, England, Scotland, The Isle of Man, France, Belgium and wherever else we'll get a welcome. Details of this year's concerts are on

 Thanks again for your enthusiasm and your support!


*Although it must be said, one of the songs does actually include the words "Dah-da-dah" too.


Diolch am eich cefnogaeth, ac ymddiheuriadau am yr ymgyrch uniaith hyd yma - mae cyfieithiad i'r Gymraeg i ddilyn!

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