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Sorry for no updates lately. I received the shop keys early August and have been in almost every day, except for having a new baby in between! Well it culminates in the opening this Saturday at Fargo Village in Coventry at 12pm. If you're free please come down at the weekend, or if not then pop in when you can!

As for the pledges, all have been made and ready to go except the T Shirts. I'll get the sizes from those who have pledged for these later tonight then have them ready by next week.

Ill also be in contact with those directly for other pledges eg quotes and name on bookcase.


Once T shirts are complete then everything you pledged for will be sent out to you. If you'd rather pick them up (saves on postage!) then let me know.


Once more a huge thank you for helping this project, and my dream become a reality.


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alex45674 17:25 26/Sep/2014

The very best of luck for Saturday! I hope all goes soooo well and you have a fantastic day! xx

Just 6 days left


Here are a few images that I'm thinking of using for the Tote Bag and badge designs. I've got more on the go too. BooksCandle

Please share and get your friends and family to pledge too. 


108% complete! And STILL 9 days left. Thank you so much!


The first update and it's brilliant!

Within 4 hours of the crowdfunder project going live you had pledged £1000 and a few days later the target of £1500 was hit. Thank you so much for making this dream possible. It really has overwhelmed me and whether you pledge £3 or £500 every little bit counts. But now as I said, 9 days left...

I'm now aiming to DOUBLE the target. I know, it's a big step, but what could I do with the extra money?

1) More books and bookcases! and more cake!

2) Attract higher profile authors to do signings and readings. Plus bigger events marketed to more.

3) Become a member of The Booksellers Association which would include MASSIVE events held at the shop like World Book Night, Books Are My Bag, Independent Booksellers week, National Book Tokens and more!

4) Pay the lovely local artists who have designed bookmarks, postcards, painting walls and more.

There are a few new perks to claim too, some VERY limited. For just £3.50 you can get 1 of 5 Big Comfy Pin badges (designed by me!). The one perk that really excites me though is the Clay Polymer portrait by Clay Disarray. We'll be stocking Lizzie's brilliant Clay Polymer creations and she's offered to make a personal one of you or a nominated persons head. Unique! Have a look at the pledge and her site

Plus a bookshop CD is in the works and you can grab a copy of loads of local artists. Only 50 will be made.

One final thing I'd like to ask is to help share the project. Could you share with 5 friends on your social media sites and email, and also by good old word of mouth. If just 1 of the 5 then backs the project then we'll still raise a minimum of £123, which could pay for a table and chairs!

If we hit the £3000 then I'll hold a pledgers only event at the shop with music, food, drink and more.

Thank you once more