The Big Comfy Bookshop

I aim to raise enough for shelving and fittings to open a used bookshop cafe in Coventry with cake, music, workshops and thousands of books

We did it!

On 10th Jul 2014 we successfully raised £2,541 of £1,500 target with 67 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

The target is hit but we're aiming for more!

I am completely overwhelmed that we managed to raise over £1000 in 4 hours of going live! Just a few days later and our target was hit. Thank you so much! But now, there is still 9 days left...

We're now aiming to DOUBLE our target. I know, it's a big step, but what could I do with the extra money?

1) More books and bookcases! and more cake!

2) Attract higher profile authors to do signings and readings.

3) Become a member of The Booksellers Association which would include MASSIVE events held at the shop like World Book Night, Books Are My Bag, Independent Booksellers week, National Book Tokens and more!

4) Pay the lovely local artists who have designed bookmarks, postcards, painting walls and more.

There are a few new perks to claim too, some VERY limited. 

Please share and pledge if you can!

What is The Big Comfy Bookshop all about?

My name is Michael and The Big Comfy Bookshop has been an idea that started around 2011. I wanted somewhere local that I could sit and relax, read, have coffee and cake, and generally while away a few hours and the idea of a bookshop sprang to mind. The name came first and the idea has grown significantly since the seed was planted in my head.

First and foremost it's a used bookshop, but it's so much more than that. We'll have book signings, workshops, music sessions and more. It's not just a bookshop, it's a cultural hub. If there is an idea that someone fancies trying out then the shop can host it. Maybe you fancy having a go at hosting a board game club? We can get involved and house it at our premises in Fargo Village, Far Gosford Street in Coventry.

                        Fargo village entrance

Fargo itself is made from the bones of the industry in the city and the building the shop will occupy was once where the very first bicycles were made! There are currently around 8-10 thousand books all ready to be shelved sitting in a storage locker whilst the village is coming closer to completion. It aims to be open in the summer and to shelve all these books we need...shelves!


Why am I Crowdfunding?

In August 2012 I quit my job of 5 years to work full-time on opening the shop and nearly 2 years later it's almost complete. I signed a lease at the end of 2013 so am contractually obligated to see this crazy idea to the end! I am dedicated to opening this shop and making The Big Comfy Bookshop a great location for books, culture and cake. Since 2012 the money I planned to use to open the shop slowly dwindled. There was a shop that was weeks away from being open in March 2013 before I decided to pull out. I have enough to open a shop now and survive (just) but I'll need a helping hand. I want the bookshop to involve the community so what better way than to chip in at the start!

                           Fargo Village in January 2013

The majority of the £1500 requested will be spent on buying around 25 book cases and more if there is room to fit them. But also as well as book cases we'll need a few tables and chairs plus that big comfy sofa I was talking about. And what about the walls? They won't be just magnolia right? NO! We want to really capture what the local area has to offer in terms of artists and get them in to decorate the shop, inside and out! I'll also need a sign made. 

                  Michael at Earsldon Festival 2013

My journey so far

My journey has been documented in the blog I run and you can read all about it from the start at It also includes book reviews, author interviews and random musings on books and the local area. We've already started the music with sessions recorded for our new venture The Big Comfy Sessions. See the first one at

I'm a big social media user and you can follow me on Twitter HERE and like on Facebook HERE

I have been contacted by both local and national authors including Rosie Goodwin author of more than 20 best sellers, Jen Campbell author of National best-seller 'Weird things customers say in bookshops' and Tara Behan, a local author who released her new book 'The Legend of Everwinter' in 2013, amongst others. This will only increase once the shop is open. I have already booked 5 events for the first week!

Please help me make this possible by donating. The perks offered are, I think, pretty unique!



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