The Carrying Works Sling Library

To further develop the sling library and bring the joy of carrying to more people.

We did it!

On 5th Aug 2014 we successfully raised £668 of £500 target with 75 supporters in 42 days

New stretch target

Hitting our original target is beyond amazing & it will enable us to support so many families but the more we raise, the more carriers we can buy & the more carriers we buy the more families we can enable to discover the wonderful world of carrying their children!

With the funds raised so far, not only are we going to be able to buy carriers but we are now hoping to add one or two demo dolls to the library. Demo dolls are wonderful aids for helping people practice getting to grips with a new carrier or a new skill such as back carrying before they attempt it with their child!

Not only that. But the more carriers there are in the library, the more we are able to hire. Meaning the more we hire, the more funds we are able to raise meaning that not only do your pledges help us to build the library in these early stages but they enable us to keep on building in the future so not only are you helping now, but by pledging now you help to support the long term sustainability of the project in the future.

Thankyou so much for all your pledges so far, it is going to make the world of difference!

The Carrying Works.

What is it? It is a not-for-profit carrying consultancy & sling library based in Worksop, covering areas of South Yorkshire & Nottinghamshire, as well as further afield if asked to! Any funds that come in through fundraising or by people accessing our services, are put straight back into the library by shopping for carriers.

Who is it? It was set up by me, Amy. I'm a Mummy to a little boy called George & a wife to a man called Rob. I have friends who have helped me along the way out of the goodness of their own hearts but the majority of everything is done by me!

Me, Rob & G

What's it all about? I discovered the joys of carrying, or babywearing as it's also known, when G was about 2 or 3 months old & soon found a wonderful Facebook group which introduced me to lots of different ways to carry G in ways that were more comfortable for both him & me. There are many resources in larger areas but nothing existed locally which is why I decided to set up The Carrying Works. I offer 1-2-1 consultations to help people find the carrier for them or to optimise what they are already using, as well as group workshops & sling meets amongst other things & also the chance to hire a sling to give it a test run so to speak before you commit to buying one.

Carrying our son has given both me & Rob some of our most precious memories. Not only that but it has had a huge impact on my mental health & keeping me sane! It is one of the most wonderful things &, by setting up The Carrying Works, I hope to be able to spread the amazing joy that little bit further!

Up a mountain in Wales

Setting up a sling library is an expensive business & that is where you guys come in. All the funds raised by this project are going to go towards adding carriers to the library, all of which will be able to be hired by people looking to carry their children! There are a variety of different carriers that we might add to the library but we'll be taking suggestions from those who access the library as to what they'd like to see. Some carriers that have already been suggested are the Kibi, the Emeibaby, more Connectas, more Mei Tei style carriers, the list could go on & on!

You can come & say hello over on Facebook or over at the website. We'd love you to visit, like the page & keep in touch. Maybe you're interested in carrying your little one (or an impending arrival!)? Send us a message & we're happy to help, even if you're out of the area, I'm sure I can point you in the direction of someone local! If we're successful in raising the funds, you'll even be able to keep up with what carriers we've added to the library & maybe even have a say when we run a poll to decide on a purchase! 

Everyone who contributes to the project will be entered into a raffle (the more you contribute, the more entries you receive! £2 = 1 entry / £5 = 5 entries / £10 = 15 entries / £15 = 20 entries / £20+ = 30 entries) where top prize is this fantastic wrap conversion Connecta Baby Carrier, made from Easycare 25 & donated by Connecta themselves, massive thankyou to them! More prizes will be announced over on the Facebook page so keep your eyes peeled!

Wrap Conversion Connecta Easycare 25

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