World Advanced Vehicle Expedition 2014 - Team GB

WAVE 2014 Wrap-up & Thanks Again to All Our Backers


Hi, Crowdfunders - we wanted to say thanks again for all the support from our backers, sponsors nad partners! We're now making plans for the production ATV to help replant the rainforest. In the meantime, please check out out wrap up video:

World Advanced Vehicle Expedition 2014 - Update plus a World Record! from The Green Marine on Vimeo.

Backer Rewards Update and Input Needed (please read)


Hello and Happy Summer to everyone!

We need your input on reward details for t-shrts & hoodies. If your reward(s) included either a t-shirt or a hoodie (any pledges £25 or above) and you have not completed your Rewards Form yet, please do so ASAP. You should have recieved an email with a link and some details on colour/size options - if you did not get the email please let us know.

Update on Other Rewards: The Summer Party will be held toward the end of summer - details coming your way at a later date. The ATV driving session details should be coming out before the end of June. Sticker and badge rewards will ship next week.

Thanks again for all the support!

The Green Marine & Green MotorSport

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Team GB finishes 3rd at WAVE 2014 and a quick update on Rewards


WAVE 2014 Finish

The WAVE Team GB headed up by Gordon Foat, MD of Green MotorSport finished 3rd overall at WAVE 2014. Plus the ATV won 1st for the easiest charging system. Thanks to all our backers for helping support our cutting edge and world-leading charging system. That's another world record (taking part in the biggest electric vehicle parade last week) ,PLUS award winning technonogy.

Keep a look out for an email later this week with details on choosing colours and sizes for the t-shirts and hoody rewards. Details on the summer party and electric car driving sessions are yet to be finalised, but we will keep you posted.

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On the Road in Germany, New World Record – an update from WAVE Team GB


WAVE Team GB 2014

Hello to all our Backers!

We wanted to give you a quick update on the ATV from the road in Germany. The photo above shows the ATV (and the support car) with its new road tyres, cover and The Green Marine logos just before we caught the ferry last Thursday. We have to say it’s looking pretty awesome and Gordon reports that it drives like a dream.

The WAVE Team GB hit the ground in Germany on Friday and has already been part of a new World Record, achieved yesterday in Stuttgart for the biggest electric vehicle parade in the world! We had 507 electric vehicles in the parade and here’s a NICE VIDEO of the record. 

We will be back with updates from WAVE over the next week – but you can also track the ATV in real time via AG Telematics on THIS LINK.

Please keep a look out for a message about reward details coming your way very soon. This will be to organise specifics for your rewards – shipping details, colours, sizes and dates for those joining us in the car or at the summer party.

Thanks again for your support.

Cheers, The Green Marine and WAVE Team GB

Thank You Backers - We Made It!


A BIG Thank You to all our backers!

We made it to our funsing level and the WAVE ATV is now enroute to Germany to start the rally this weekend. Awesome.

We will be in contact next week to line up your rewards and get shipping, size and colour details for the t-shirts and hoodies. For those of you joining us for the driving or the summer party, details and dates also coming your way very soon.

You are helping us to Inspire, Protect & Mobilise!

Thanks again from all of us at WAVE Team GB, The Green Marine and Green MotorSports.




Thanks to All Our Backers. Plus New Rewards Added.


THANK YOU to all our backers so far!! We are getting close to that all important 50% funding level. Please help us spread the word and share our crowdfunding page with your friends, family and wider networks.

MORE REWARDS: We have also added two new reward levels. Just £10 gets you a set of 4 limited edition Green Marine badges pictured below. For £99 you can get a driving session in the ATV - this is limited to just 5 rewards. The driving session will be held in Woking, Surrey and the date can scheduled for anytime from mid-June. Why not buy the full 5 slots and take your friends, family or a team from work? Would be a unqiue day out!

TGM Badges


New Reward Added - our first "design your own"


We had a request for a "design your own" reward and we did it! Added a new level called Whiz-Bang! This is £350 and gives a pretty sweet combo of stuff - including a family pack of hoodies, summer party and the electric vehicle driving session. Awesome!

And below is a photo our Team GB's WAVE car no 2 - more the support and backup car. A 100% electric Mitsubishi iMiev. One of the cars you'll get to drive if you pledge your support at either Whiz-Bang or Accelerate levels.

Mitsubishi iMiev


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