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A Unique Collaboration and World First. To build a high performance prototype all terrain electric vehicle. To help protect the environment.

by afullerview in Herne Hill

Inspire, Protect and Mobilise


A unique collaboration and World first mission: To build a high performance prototype all terrain electric vehicle (ATV), must be capable of being deployed off the grid to some of the most remote corners of the globe – initially into the Atlantic rainforest of Brazil, assisting education, conservation and preservation projects, replanting the Atlantic rainforest and protecting the environment.

The Green Marine and Green MotorSport are collaborating to deliver this cutting edge, prototype zero-emission electric vehicle, designed to help protect the environment whilst inspiring the next generation whilst. You can help us by mobilising your support for our project here on Crowdfunder.

  • INSPIRE: by taking part in the World Advanced Vehicle Expedition (WAVE), attempting another world record and by taking the prototype electric all terrain vehicle (ATV) on an educational tour in the UK.
  • PROTECT: by using renewable technology, including our own unique charging devices that enables the vehicle to be charged up from solar or wind power anywhere in the world.
  • MOBILISE: by taking part in the WAVE rally across three European countries and documenting and sharing this positive vision of electric cars with school children across the UK. Ultimately, we plan to deploy the ATV in a rainforest reserve in Brazil using it to plant trees and protect the environment.

For the 4th year in a row Green MotorSport will be entering a team in the World Advanced Vehicle Expedition (WAVE), which takes place May 31 to June 7 across Germany, Austria and Switzerland.



We are entering two cars in WAVE 2014. The lead car is a light-weight, battery-electric, utility vehicle of our own design (also known as an all terrain vehicle or ATV). Powering the car will be the first of a revolutionary new generation of liquid cooled electric motor, coupled with a super-efficient liquid cooled vector control system.

The all terrain vehicle (ATV) has been specifically designed for high performance, reliability and with a rugged drive train. This means the vehicle and future models can be deployed into wild and remote locations, where they can be used for a variety of solutions, including scientific research, fire & rescue, conservation and farming. They can also be powered "off the grid" using 100% renewable energy sources such as solar or wind.

The 2nd car we are taking to WAVE 2014 is a production Mitsubishi electric car, which will serve as the support car for the ATV while also promoting electric cars as a viable alternative for everyday use.

Help us Innovate, Power-Up and Move!

The objective of WAVE is to promote high performance electric mobility running on renewable energy and, thus help support a transition to a ‘green economy’ independent of fossil fuels.

The Green Marine is collaborating with Green MotorSport to: (1) make the WAVE Team GB expedition a success, (2) increase awareness in the UK, especially with school aged children and (3) develop a wider network of people, organisations and companies that share the same vision of positive change.

We need your support so that we can:

  • INNOVATE: road test our prototype light-weight utility vehicle designed and built in the UK.
  • POWER-UP: buy two computer controlled charging units for the ATV.
  • MOVE: attempt another world record at the 2014 World Advanced Vehicle Expedition (WAVE) rally.

Fund Use

We have already raised funds to build the car, travel and enter the competition. But we still need additional funds for two important elements of the project. We will use the funds raised here for two things, one is mission critical and one is post mission inspirational!

1. PURCHASE: two state of the art computer controlled charging systems for the ATV - which cost £2k each (£4k total). These chargers will allow us to charge the new light-weight battery arrays efficiently and quickly, and also save massive weight in the car as compared to standard charging systems. We need two so we can charge both battery arrays at the same time and have a back-up in case one stops working while on the road.

2. DEVELOP and DELIVER: an electric vehicle awareness programme for children in the UK. We want to inspire and share our knowledge with the next generation - through fun, learning and action. This will allow us to increase awareness and interest in electric and green car technology, which will inspire children to think innovatively and sustainably, develop 21st century skills and exciting future career opportunities.

The educational programme in the UK will included: (1) showing that electric cars can be fun and exciting by taking the ATV on an educational schools tour, (2) highlighting the new career opportunities that exist around green technology, (3) integrating electric vehicle awareness as part of a country wide road safety campaign. In addition to the tour and road safety campaign, we will develop a set of web based resources that will be freely available to children, parents and teachers.

The Team

WAVE 2014 Team GB

Gordon Foat, Founder of Green MotorSport: Gordon is the WAVE Team GB leader and designed and built our prototype electric ATV. He will be the lead driver and has already successfully WAVE three times, including 2013 where he was part of a new world record*! [*Formally confirmed by The Guinness Book of Records as the 'largest parade of electric vehicles'!]

David Pye, Founder of The Green Marine: David is an award winning transport planner, the creator of ‘WOW’ (Walk on Wednesday - which still inspires millions of UK schools kids to walk every week), he also played a huge role in developing the Walking Bus and setting best practice for school travel across the UK.

Dylan Fuller, The Green Marine: Dylan is the digital lead looking after operations and project coordination. He brings more than 20 years global technology experience to the team.

Brian Orr, MD EV Matters Ltd: Brian is driving the 2nd / support car. He recently completed the Highland Charge in the Mitsubushi iMiev (WAVE Team GB car No 2), which is on a wider tour round UK to promote the WAVE ideals and to raise funds for Help for Heroes.

Leora Rosner, Founder Growing Air Foundation: Leora will be the co-pilot in the ATV with Gordon. She heads up the Growing Air Foundation, which is our collaborator in the deploying the ATV in the Atlantic rainforest of Brazil where it will be used to help replant the forest and protect the environment.

In addition to Gordon, Brian, Leora, Dave and Dylan we also have a great support team in place helping navigate and help us while out on the road at WAVE. Plus a long list of sponsors, volunteers, supporters and suppliers - all working hard to ensure this project is successful.


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More Information

Video Below: Recap of WAVE 2013.



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