Tandem Print

Bring printmaking to the masses, allowing an inclusive and accessible form of this high-end art.

We did it!

On 29th May 2014 we successfully raised £851 of £800 target with 24 supporters in 42 days

Printmaking today is contestable a high-end and often inaccessible practice.
Recently it has experienced a dynamic growth in popularity, especially in Bristol.
Which is great, however, its practice is still confined to a fine-art studio and is often expensive and inaccessible to the inexperienced.
We aim to be able to take this old a traditional practice out of its studio constraints and take it outside, delivering workshops which are accessible to the masses.

The Concept!

The studio would run in collaboration with different community groups, schools,
art therapy groups, care homes and youth centres.
We would be looking to work in collaboration with groups which already use arts for the purposes of empowerment and rehabilitation, but who do not have the facilities to offer printmaking.
The difference between us and others is that we would be able to bring everything a studio
can; plus our own expertise in printmaking.

We already have interest from a number of charities, using art as therapy or rehabilitation, 
Who would love to be able to use printmaking in their programs.I

The Plan!

A bike trailer will be kitted out as a portable studio, this would allow for the studio to be
transported easily.      (This is where the funding comes in)

We first need the funding in order to purchase a strong and durable trailer.
We would then build a printing press inside the trailer. A down-scale version of the
wrought iron classic version- it would serve the purpose of our workshops.

We would provide facilities for teaching linocut and relief, and Etching,
which usually require a great deal of equipment and expense to provide.

With this trailer built we would be up and ready to roll and be able to provide these workshops 
by the summer.



You can visit our website to see pictures of the type of workshop we will provide !
And to also get in touch with us :)




Lithography 2 colors poster (navy blue and burgundy) , approx. 70x40 cm, limited to 3 ! Only 25£ !
By Charline Giquel

Lithography 2 colors (approx 70x40 cm) 25£

"Someone is in the house"
Linocut 2 colors poster (light blue and burgundy) approx. 70x40, limited to 3 ! Only 25£ !!
By Charline Giquel

Offset print 2 colors poster (blue and yellow) approx. 70x40 cm, limited to 2 !!! Only 25£ !!!
By Charline Giquel

Woodcut and Letterpress Original Print  (grey, blue, yellow) Aprox 30cm x 70cm! Also £25
By Charlotte Biszewski

"Elephant at the Circus"
Woodcut and Linocut print in 3 colours (grey, red and black), Approx 75 cm x 40 cm, Limited to only 2!
By Charlotte Biszewski


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