Less than 24 hours!


Hello everyone, 

Our campaign ends tomorrow. Thank you all for contributing, it's been amazing to get so much support from all of you! 

If you have a few minutes to spare today and would like to help us one last time, then please do share with your networks! A tweet/facebook post can go a long way :)

We look forward to sharing our tasty fruit jerky with you soon and we'll be in touch to get your details shortly (if we haven't already).

All the best,

Michael and Ilana

Target met, thank you!


Hello Snact Supporters,

We made it! We’re unbelievably touched that so many people have supported us and continue to do so. The feedback and kinds words everyone has sent are really encouraging and exciting! But with another 17 days to go, we've decided to raise our target to 15k!

Snact is about lots of little actions coming together to create something big, and there isn’t really a limit to how big that big can be. Additional funding will enable us to make more snacts, preventing more delicious fruit from going to waste but will also provide additional funding to roll out our sales model in the summer. With this, we’ll be able to create another mobile stall so Snacts can be in two locations at once! And that means creating more employment opportunities.

We’re released a new reward, look for the wonderful Foraging and World Food Book, coming to you with some tasty snacts. And finally, if we reach 15k, we’ll throw a Snactilicious party during the summer to celebrate & thank you all!

Snact - Week 1 - Update


Hello Snactivists, Snactivistas, Fruit Rescue Brigadiers, Snactscribers & Big Fruitwoskies,


One week on from the launch of our campaign, we just wanted to send you a quick update. 



We never thought we’d raise so much quickly so thank you for your contributions and support so far!


We’ve added a new reward, as we’ve had a few requests for a personal snactscription.


Please do take this as an opportunity to share with your friends & family. If you all share today, we could be at 100% by the end of the week… And that would be amazing!


Thanks again for all the help,

Michael & Ilana