jonw 20:34 07/May/2014

Good luck with it all!

misspipkelly 13:17 02/May/2014

Good luck - I can't wait to see Snact out there :)

julietdh 22:20 01/May/2014

Great thinking. I wish I had more to pledge - good luck :)

baranyianita12 22:11 01/May/2014

Love it when people actually get off their backside and do something they care about. Wishing you success.

johngreen2014 10:58 01/May/2014

Fun to watch video - you two are very inspiring!
I can't imagine £12k will go far with all your plans.

lisa.ashford.731 08:22 30/Apr/2014

Nice Guys. Always good to support some fellow Imperial Alumni. Best of Luck. When you need to raise more finance come and find me at Ethex. Helping raise finance for ethical companies.

jonathanmorier 04:32 30/Apr/2014

Good luck with this project. Sounds like a great idea.

jonathanmorier 04:31 30/Apr/2014

Good luck with this project. Sounds like a great idea.

wyeates 21:43 28/Apr/2014

We are all snactivists now

Snact 20:51 28/Apr/2014

Hi Doug, thank you :) We'll be in touch in the next few weeks to get all your details, address & size etc.

dwjshaw 21:22 27/Apr/2014

Great idea, looking forward to tasting some and wearing the t-shirt (male M please). Doug

hollylear 14:51 25/Apr/2014

Love this idea. I love this. Fantastic idea guys. You will reach your target no problem!

highideas 14:50 25/Apr/2014

Love the idea and the ethos, some more seasonal fruit combos would be good

Snact 11:31 25/Apr/2014

Adam, you can always pledge again for an upper tier reward ;) Thanks for the contribution!

adam.nelson.737001 11:29 25/Apr/2014

Should have included pants in the upper tiers of pledging
Joking aside! Awesome work, great idea, fantastic people and AMAZING snacks! Nice work, almost there

aryl 10:59 24/Apr/2014

Well done for coming up with such a great idea and all the hard work you have - and will - put into this project.

natalia22 10:36 23/Apr/2014

Just supported you guys! From Olivia (who interviewed you and her sister who loves the idea!) good luck hope it goes well! x

iverpeaux 16:50 22/Apr/2014

Hope you'll fill your purse to the target and go ahead. This is a great idea forwarded to me by Noam.

Snact 13:23 19/Apr/2014

Hi Pete, thanks! Just sent you an email :)

pestobell-pete 19:32 18/Apr/2014

I'm at St Andrews and am sure Snact would sell well here and there is a lot of fruit waste at our farm shop.
pestobell pete

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