Sheffield Central Electoral Mailing Fund

Help elect Yorkshire's first Green MP by raising £3,000 to fund a personalised mailing campaign in the Sheffield Central constituency.

We did it!

On 16th Feb 2015 we successfully raised £4,060 of £3,000 target with 91 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Thank you!

We've achieved our initial target thanks to your donations.

Any further funds raised will be used to help spread our message in a more targeted way.

Sheffield has two very large University communities based, primarily, within the Sheffield Central constituency. These voters are, in general, highly sympathetic to Green Party aims, but can be difficult to reach, for many reasons.

We need help to get the message to them that their vote matters in Sheffield Central and, most importantly, ensure that they're registered to vote.

Please give as generously as you're able. Jillian's campaign has real momentum now, together, we can keep that going.

I'm Jillian Creasy and, in May, I’ll be standing as Parliamentary Candidate for the Green Party in the Sheffield Central constituency.

Today I’m asking for your support in becoming Yorkshire’s first Green MP.

About Me

I've served as a Green Party Councillor in the Sheffield Central ward for over ten years and, have served the inner city Sheffield area as a practicing GP for 25 years.

We Can Win

Nationally, Sheffield Central, is a top 8 target seat for The Green Party.

In the last half of 2014, we saw a #greensurge nationally and, in Sheffield, the party more than doubled in size. People are seeking alternatives to the other main parties more than ever, and I believe The Green Party is the viable alternative.

In last year’s council elections, we received over 30% of the popular vote cast in the wards that comprise the Sheffield Central constituency, winning a further two Councillors. Tne Green Party now has four Councillors serving the area.

The Green Party can win in Sheffield Central in May 2015.

The Project

Today I’m asking you for a donation that will make it possible for us to spread this message to voters across the constituency.

For £3000, Royal Mail can deliver a personalised mailing to every voter on the electoral register in Sheffield Central. This will enable us to reach areas, and voters, that are beyond our financial and physical reach as a party.

Unlike the other main parties, The Green Party will only accept donations from businesses that operate ethically, and so we’re more reliant on individual donors, like you, to help fund our work.

This is why I’m asking you to donate to this project.

A donation from as little as £5 can help us maintain our momentum towards May’s general election, and return Sheffield’s first Green MP.

If you agree with me that The Green Party offers the only viable alternative this May, then I ask you to donate what you can to this project, and to help by sharing this message with others.

Thank you for your support.

Some Important Information

The Electoral Commission requires all party political donors donating  £50 or over must be registered to vote.

If you aren't currently, you can register at (Opens in new window).

This should take no more than five minutes, but gives you a voice in the upcoming election. So even if you're not donating to the project please ensure you, and your friends and relatives, are registered to vote.

The Electoral Commission also requires us to log the full name and address of any individual donating £500 or over to a campaign. Please be assured, this will not be used for marketing purposes, but must be handed over to the Commission upon request.

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