Sheerluck 21 Three Frame Cartoons

Sheerluck 21 Three Frame Cartoons

To pay an artist to draw 21 3 frame cartoons of Sheerluck, a Sherlock spoof family comedy character.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Sheerluck is a new comedy character for the 21st century. Laugh out loud family fun. He is a 10 year old boy who reckons he’s the world’s only kid consulting detective. Along with his long suffering older sister Watson, he solves crimes. It might be anything from ‘Who had the last Pot Noodle?’ or a 'Large scale art theft’ or ‘Are ghosts real?’ Anything. His logic and deduction skills are useless but he always manages to crack the case by a fluke of sheer luck.Read his first full page comic here....

£1,000 will pay for our artist to draw 21 3 frame scripts which can then be sent for syndication in the papers, magazine and comics around the world. Then Sheerluck can grow into other areas like games, books, animation and merchandise.

Be part of comedy history while you can.

WHO WRITES IT?Writer Dean Wilkinson. Dean writes TV, comics, novels, books, games and apps. He’s the writer on Sony’s LittleBigPlanet as well as Worms, Driver San Francisco and Disney’s Fantasia.Visit Dean’s website for more details www.deanwilkinson.netThis year dean has 2 books out published by Penguin Publishing. A Plants Vs Zombies quiz book and The Beano’s Dennis The Menace’s Prankipedia.


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