Help Us End Rough Sleeping in North West London

by ashford-place in London

Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

Our goal is to create an all year round Shelter for 25 rough sleepers in Brent, North West London.

by ashford-place in London

Thank you!

Dear All,


As you have probably noticed, our crowdfunder has expired. You might have thought, during this time before the deadline, ‘Why are they not putting any more effort into this? Why are they underfunding?’. We want to tell you why, not because we want to find excuses, but because we think you deserve to know, as you are part of the project.

Firstly, we realised half-way that we have set an unrealistic target. To reach this target, we would have needed to have the support of some (or just one) large company. This didn’t succeed, despite our various attempts. Secondly, we are few in the office anyway, so instead of having a team of ‘helpers’ to support our crowdfunding work, we had to continue casework, running workshops, organising events and many other things, which, obviously was not helpful for the crowdfunder.

However, we did do our best – we have connected through facebook, twitter; we were in local and pan-London newspapers; we have sent emails to journalists, friends and connections; we have put flyers in local shops; we have spoken to councillors, banks, NGOs; we have written about this project in a couple of our newsletters.

We could have done much more, but, for sure, we have done our best. Of course, our best as not-so-experienced fundraisers, we must say. Thus, we shall take these invaluable lessons forth to future new crowdfunders.

Leaving this behind, what we want to do now is THANK YOU. The most valuable thing in this crowdfunder has actually been you. Each of your lovely messages, pledges, re-tweets, distributions, every helping hand has reassured us of the fact that this there are others who think that it’s time to end rough sleeping in NW London, or to simply help people in suffering.

By supporting this cause, you have become part of the project, you have laid a brick for this shelter. You might ask now ‘Well, what shelter? All the ‘bricks’ have gone back to the sender.’ (n.b. the money you have pledged though PayPall shall be back in your accounts now; the money from GoCardless pledgers would only have reached us only had we reached the target). Back to the question – What shelter? Actually, we decided that we have to make this project happen somehow.

We have the infrastructure for 15 beds, in our own building. We have used existing funds to buy a minimum of items, such as beds and lockers. We shall employ some staff, but also rely on volunteers a lot. We hope to open sometime next week. Not having the £16,000 obviously makes our work harder, but we managed to put together some funds so that we can start. We really believe that having a stable place to sleep in is absolutely essential for our beneficiaries.

Thus, our work goes on.

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If you would like to visit us and see what we do, you are very welcome.

We are now putting the option to donate via an alternative platform (which has no deadline/is not restricted to a certain target), and we shall write another update with the link.

For any other query, please email [email protected].


Again, thank you, your support has been really invaluable.


All the best,

Ashford Place


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