Rolfington Rescue needs you...

To provide a space where people can be supported in their mental, spiritual and physical health, through working with animals and nature.

We did it!

On 2nd Apr 2015 we successfully raised £12,490 of £12,000 target with 106 supporters in 56 days

New stretch target

Any extra money will go towards shelter,  fencing and care for our new therapy animals, the setting up of the community allotments, polytunnel and materials for basic skills workshops for people who wish to learn how to obtain and keep a job from pre interview to work style behaviour.  




Imagine a society in which people felt integrated, valued and whole.  This is the sole aim of our project.  You can be a part of this and come along to our workshops on meditation, yoga visualisation aimed at transforming your life into an awesome one!




Rolfington Rescue CIC is a non-profit organisation in the process of acquiring  5 acres of scrub/pasture/woodland in the Bodmin/Wadebridge/St Austell area to open our new centre. The centre will consist of a 20ft eco friendly yurt, with animals in surounding fields and a beautiful, peaceful space.

The centre will provide psychological therapies, basic work-skills workshops, community allotments, educational training, holistic therapies, student and volunteer placements and tai chi and meditation classes for the local community. We will also host nature retreats and classes available to everyone in the UK.




We are a husband and wife team based in beautiful Bodmin, Cornwall striving to help men, women and youths in Cornwall suffering with emotional issues, providing the nurture and support to restore and therefore transform their lives to more positive outlook. Our primary focus is provide practical methods in order to instill a balanced and loving relationship with themselves.

Based on 20years of research and 5 years of experience in our busy psychotherapy clinic, we see the need to work on creating a society which value our mental and emotional health, just as we do our physical health.

What the Wellbeing Centre (The Yurt) will provide people with:

  • Counselling and psychotherapy in 1 to 1 or couples sessions

  • Community based educational tasks and seminars

  • Community allotment meeting space

  • Meditation classes

  • Tai chi for the over 60s (both seated and standing)

  • Self-esteem workshops

  • Working with animals and nature as healing tools

  • Basic work/jobseekers skills workshops for 16 - 25 year olds (interview and working skills)

  • Low cost meeting room/therapy room/community based event space

  • Yurt nature retreats

Some of the groups of people we will be helping:

  • Veterans

  • Over 60's

  • Job seekers

  • Couples and individuals

  • Students with work experience and placements

Some of the conditions we currently help with:

  • Bi-polar disorder

  • Depression

  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Low self-esteem

  • Loss of confidence

  • Lack of direction

  • Loss or bereavement

  • Hormonal inbalance

  • Chronic fatigue

  • Fear

  • Anger

We understand that frequent community support is key in any type of recovery process, so we are linking arms with local businesses, churches, charities, community groups, local action groups and other organisations to achieve a true community transformation.  We have had real interest from those in Bodmin, Lostwithiel, Wadebridge, St Austell, Fowey, Truro, Liskeard and as far afield as Bude to Penzance.




We are looking to purchase and set up a 20ft yurt to house up to 20 people in sitting classes/sessions and up to 12 people in movement therapies. The yurt will be environmentally orientated; keeping itself cool in summer with efficient convection qualities, and will keep warm in winter with a beautiful wood burner. We want to give back to society in the most natural way possible and to make it accessible to the local comunity and beyond.  Having a yurt as the centre will mean a permanent place for people to come to feel supported, integrated and whole. 

The yurt will be handcrafted by local company 'Yurtworks' and it's experienced staff are looking forward to contributing to the centre.  The yurt will be perfect for eco retreats. There will also be oppertunities for people to rent the yurt out for community based events, special occasions and low cost therapy.




“Marie-Louise has given me a renewed sense of hope in my relationships and I am forever grateful!”

- Julie, CPN, Cornwall

"Marie-Louise's beautifully gentle and warm professional manner encouraged me to find my own solutions. Working with her has been transformational for me and I now feel very positive and excited about life."

- Louise, Kinesiologist, Australia 

“Louise, just wanted to let you know I drove home today. I’m not sure how you do it but you do it very well thank you so much.  My confidence has finally come back after our 6 months of intensive work together.  It has definately paid off!”

- Laura, Mother, Cornwall

“Marie-Louise and Steve, thanks for your help so far, it's been invaluable.”

- Stuart, Architect, Cornwall




Over £10 - a personal thank you email. 1 entry into the prize draw.

Over £25 - a personal thank you email, 2 entries into the prize draw.

Over £50 – a personal thank you email, 4 entries into the prize draw plus 2 Rolfington Resue paracord ziptags

Over £75 – a personal thank you email, 5 entries into the prize draw, plus 4 Rolfington Rescue paracord ziptags

Over £100 – a personal thank you email, 4 ziptags plus a custom made Rolfington Rescue parachord bracelet

 Over £250 - a personal thank you and a tree planted in your name.

Over £500 - a personal thank you email, a tree planted in your name and a visit to the centre.

Over £1000 - a personal thank you email, a tree planted in your name, a visit to the centre, free 1 years membership to attend all classes.

Over £5000, a personal thank you email, tree planted in your name, free allotment for life for yourself or another person and a visit to the centre.  An announcement on the news part of our website which is linked to facebook and linked in will also be made.




We are a husband and wife team with a collective experience spanning over 50 years working with people and animals to restore healthy functioning. We will be working together hosting basic skills workshops, classes and therapy sessions and running the centre with our fantastic team of volunteers. We currently work with animals and nature in order to help individuals reach a state or equilibrium and restore healthy functioning back into their daily lives. The yurt will allow this expansion enabling people to have a permanent place to come.


Marie – Louise

A Counsellor and Psychotherapist, Marie-Louise commenced her training over 15 years ago whilst working full time in the city of London. Having held a private practice in Bodmin for the past 5 years, she is now expanding her practice into a community interest company, following her passion of working therapeutically with animals and nature. Marie-Louise uses Animal Therapy, Visualisation, Art Therapy and Sand Play alongside her initial training in Gestalt Psychotherapy. Marie-Louise will be running the Counselling and Psychotherapy clinic and giving student volunteers an oportunity for placements during the summer holidays.


An ex Royal Navy Engineer with over 10 years experience mentoring and coaching, who's passionate about raising awareness of Green Technology and making the Rolfington Rescue Wellbeing Centre as eco-friendly and self-sufficient as possible. He will be running the basic job seeking skills workshops giving individuals one to one advice on interview skills.


Sheila Has been a Tai Chi teacher for over 20 years and teaches people in a sitting position as well as in the usual form. She is in her 70's and a great example to those wishing to keep their mobility later in life.


Our fab team of volunteers keep us in check.  We do not know what we would do without them.  A special mention to Lissy Starr who has put this crowdfunder together for us and to Sara Martin who has produced the video and composed the music provided.  If you are interested in her musical talents please go to her website:  Thank you also to Tim Hutton from Yurtworks who is crafting the yurt for us.  If you are interested in his works please go to:

Once the centre is up and running, our fantastic volunteers will be helping us with:

  • Animal care

  • Poo picking

  • Allotment tidying

  • Event organising for allotmenteers

  • Student placements for counsellors or other care workers

Our Animals

Ted, Rosie and Shackleton our small-furries work well building trust with people who prefer smaller animals, and Bracken and Bramble our ponies are 18 months old and currently in training.


Our therapy dogs, Trinity, Luna and Eve. The girls work with people who battle with grief, fear and trauma.




We work tirelessly so that people with nothing can be given a chance in life and we hope that you feel this is important too, and understand that we need help to make our work go further.

A donation to our Crowdfunding campaign isn't just a contribution to Wellbeing Centre; with your help we can create a healthier and happier society and help more people to find their value.

If you feel like you would like to help, as a corporate or as an individual, please pledge now so we can realise our goal. I you'd like to see more of the work we do, please visit our website or contact Louise or Steve at or on 01208 269913.

If you wish, we would be happy to know your name and address so that we can send prizes and emails to thank you.

We are so grateful to everyone who has helped us along the way and look forward to giving out prizes for pledges made, there is something for everyone. Even if you can pledge £1, a visit to the centre is welcome. So, even the people that we are helping feel as though they have contributed. 


We are making a difference...

Thank you for supporting our project!

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