Robot Dragons Come From Mars

I would love to publish and promote Robot Dragons Come From Mars - a brand new picture book for 2 years and above.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The Robot Dragons

I was sitting around, minding my own business one day when these three characters suddenly popped into my head with the line: 

Robot Dragons Come From Mars. 

I don't know who was more surprised, me or them! But I couldn't shake them off and soon, they were driving fast cars, wearing sparkly hats and they had little kittens on their feet! 

So, along with illustrator extraordinaire, Shiela Marie Alejandro, the dragons became a reality - They really only want to have fun and play with toys and guitars.

Children love joining in with the simple rhymes of the story.


Now, you have a chance to take part in the launch of this book by joining in with the crowdfunding campaign. Choose from the rewards on offer and click on the buttons to the right.


We have many exciting rewards to give away, which are exclusive to this offer.

Pledge £5

A signed copy of

Robot Dragons Come From Mars


a sincere thank you on a social media platform of your choice


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 YOUR NAME printed inside the signed copy in a list of supporters


a thank you message sent to a social media platform you choose.



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A FREE T-shirt and Robot Dragons BADGE 


A signed copy of the book with your name AND PHOTO inside in a list of supporters, 


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 A signed HARDBACK copy of the book

Robot Dragons Come From Mars


a high quality print of one of the illustrations of the book.

Robot Dragons Think of Food



Pledge £45

A lovely 8" plush toy of the red Robot Dragon.


 A signed copy of the book,


 A high quality print.

Toy Robot Dragon




Pledge £55

A photo of your child as 'Me' inside a signed HARDBACK copy of the book.

Your child in the book



Pledge £100

A signed HARDBACK copy of the book with a dedication inside at the back in every single copy, thanking your for your support.


Green Dragon





So if you would like a signed or dedicated copy of the book, or a lovely t-shirt or plush toy of one of the dragons, please feel free to click on the PLEDGE button.

About me

This will be my fourth book to be published on Amazon. The others have been quite well received. My author page is here: A. B. Syed

The first book, The Adventures of Bruno Penny featured super-villain Norbert de Strangle in a daring robbery from the Museum of Rare Art Treasures. When Bruno discovers that Norbert is in fact - well, you'll have to read it to find out the rest.

Poor Simon Cup had quite a hard time of it at first in my second book, but when he and his friends discover that they can have anything they want, things seem to be getting a whole lot better for all of them!

Finally Carly Bell has a mystery to solve in Zodiac Shmodiac.

Where will the funds go?

Firstly, I need to create a high quality and attractive picture book which will appeal to children of 2 years and upwards.

Next, I need to organise some school visits to schools in my local area and beyond, with the help of SCBWI - the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. 

Although I believe I have created a book which will appeal to all children, I think that boys will identify more with my silly characters. They may even see past the actual words and forget that they are 'reading'.  I believe that every little thing which attracts them to reading from a young age will set them on the lifelong path to learning.

I will use the funds to fulfil the pledges and also to present the books free to schools and local libraries.

Robot dragons fly around

Look what robot dragons found this time


(Er, ‘scuse me, d’you know where the food is?)


Look what robot dragons found

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