Multimedia Creative Hub

To create a support hub, dedicated to the community, supporting careers in multimedia through hands on experience with employment support

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We are taking part in the Santander social enterprise challenge!

Skymind Studios CIC has been developing over nearly ten years with a key aim to offer real value to our clients, the community we serve. as well a wider public objectives. The main focus of our activities has, up till now been within the Southwest. Skymind Studios CIC invite you to join us in implementing and establishing a building to hold one of the Southwest’s FIRST support hubs, dedicated to the creative community, offering major benefits to those looking to build successful careers in Film and Audio sectors- through offering ‘hands on’ experience. as well as employment support - all of which benefit YOU!


Are you an independent filmmaker? A student Filmmaker? The Creative Hub at Skymind Studios CIC will create a state of the art film set, built your exact bespoke specifications. The Creative Media hub's facillities will allow you to use expert equipment on your productions:

Full Camera Equipment

Three point lighting

Dollies and cranes

Green screen

Industry standard editing suites.

Pitch your ideas to Skymind and we will help on you from  finding ways to apply for funding and secure funding for your project to pre and post-production.


With the revolution in recording and music marketing technology and techniques. there has never been a better time in the ‘Music Industry’, for the independent artist to forge a successful career. The Music industry is now more competitive than ever - with the introduction of new hardware and software technology, more than ever, musicians are recording in ‘home-based’ studios. the mistaken notion is that the ‘traditional’ studio is not needed. Well, you may be able to record your own album, but would the production quality be there? Production values are amongst the key factors between musical career success and wannabe failure.

Be the producer of your own album - work with the Skymind team Experiment with different recording techniques and equipment in purpose-built recording suites Full list of Equipment available Put yourself in charge of the FULL recording and production procedure

Skymind focus on local artists within the Southwest giving them all the resources they need to achieve their personal, music and career goals. The Creative Hub is ideally placed to help artists with:



Merchandise design and production

Concerts and tour promotion

PA hire

Photography & Graphics

Photography coves would be fully kitted with lighting and backdrops. Full experimental lenses with cameras would be accessible by photographers, Graphic Designers can also use image software to produce that perfect image.

Workshops & Tuition

Skymind associates have extensive experience and expertise in helping individuals explore self employment, or employment within the creative and arts sectors, through a blend of workshops and 1-2-1 support. A particular focus will be upon individuals with disabilities and special needs, enabling and empowering people with health and well-being issues to set out into the community and enjoy the possibilities that are open to them.