Lady Celeste - A Star Is Re-Born



Afternoon, and Thank YOU to all my new 'Luminaries'. Congratulaitons guys, Lady Celeste is now over half way. It looks like I'm getting close to receiving the funding, but I won't receieve anything, if I do not make my target. If you could help me spread the word, and the link onto your friends, that would be brilliant!! 

Love a very grateful "producer"! xx

Almost Half way with funds.


Funding is Fun! Thanks to all of my new funders. This won't happen without you. Please spread the word. Many thanks. x



A massive thank you to all those that have now helped me raise over 25%! No donation is too small (or too big for that matter), and if you can spread the link via your social media accounts - Lady Celeste will once again be the star she was born to be!!

Many Merci x

Great Start!


Hey Guys,

Thank you to all those that have donated. Such a great start to the fundraising. It'd be great to keep the ball rolling. Spread the word!! Feel free to share on facebook, email your great aunt, or let your granny know her famous counterpart is back with a vengeance!

Many thanks,