Help the LGBTIQ Greens grow!

Help the LGBTIQ Greens grow!

The LGBTIQ Greens are growing! Help kick start our year by funding our first annual conference!

We did it!

On 16th Dec 2015 we successfully raised £222 with 11 supporters in 28 days

Project aim

The Green Party has always been at the forefront of fighting for LGBTIQ rights. We were the first party in England to support equal marriage and we went into the last General Election with one of the most comprehensive policy offerings for LBGTIQ people. We need your help to carry on that work and keep the LGBTIQ Greens the vibrant and energetic campaigning group that is!

We're fundraising firstly to launch an annual conference for Green LGBTIQ activists. An annual meeting to bring together activists, set our agenda and building campaigning momentum would be a huge step forward. In a pivotal year with big elections in Scotland, Wales and London, as well as many local elections across the country, getting LGBTIQ activists together would really help sharpen our message and our offering to LGBTIQ people.

If we successfully raise more money than we need for our day conference that money will be plowed into producing more campaign materials and LGBTIQ banners. More money for banners and materials mean we can successfully increase our presence at events like Pride across the country.

Why we need you 

We're looking to hold our first annual conference in Birmingham. Room hire in Birmingham would cost around £300-£500 for a day depending upon needed room size. We'd also look to create an access fund to help subsidise members who might struggle with the cost of attending the event.

Money that is surplus will be ploughed into producing more LGBTIQ banners. We're also exploring options around producing LGBTIQ t-shirts. Banners currently cost £60 to produce.

The rewards

We of course want to thank all of our donors for making such a massive difference to the LGBTIQ Greens. 

£5 A warm thank you for making such a difference towards getting our funds off the ground

£10 A thank you on social media and be added to a thank you list of donors on our website

£30 As soon as they're produced a LGBTIQ Greens T-shirt!

£75 A bundle of Green Party merch, including an LGBTIQ Greens T-shirt, a Green Party mug and badge


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