Chip in to elect Green voices in Holyrood 2016

Today marks the beginning of a 6 month campaign to elect Green voices in all 8 regions of Scotland. Can you chip in to help make it happen?

We did it!

On 3rd Dec 2015 we successfully raised £8,472 of £4,000 target with 199 supporters in 28 days

New stretch target

Wow - we've raised our £4,000 target in just four days! This is people power at it's best.

While the other parties can sit back and rely on donations from big business, it's our community of supporters - people just like you - who'll get us across the line come May next year. 

Given our success so far, Crowdfunder predicts we'll reach our stretch target of £8,000 in no time. Can you help get us there? 

Every single pound we raise from here will go towards strengthening our campaign. This means:

  • Stronger campaign teams on the ground in all eight regions.
  • Improved election software.
  • An expanded digital advertising campaign.
  • Crucial resources for our campaign HQ, including more computers and phones.

With your help, we can hit the ground running in the new year and get a Green voice elected in every Scottish region. 

Please chip in what you can today.


On May 5th next year, Scotland will head to the polls for an election that has the power to change the future direction of our country. An election that has the power to tip the scales in favour of a fairer, more sustainable Scotland.

With just two Green MSPs in the current term, we’ve been able to punch well above our weight. From rent controls in the private sector to the fight against fracking, we’ve put pressure on the Scottish government to give real protection to communities where it’s needed.And this is just the beginning. We know we can do so much more.Membership of our party is stronger than ever, which means we’re heading into the election with a real possibility of electing an MSP in every single region.But to help make this happen, we’re going to need the biggest fighting fund we’ve ever had.That's where you come in.


How you can help:

Today marks the beginning of a six month campaign to elect Green voices in all eight regions of Scotland. 

The time to show your support for this campaign is not tomorrow, or next month. That time is now. Every single pound we receive will help us to strengthen the systems we need to run an efficient and wide-reaching campaign.

  • £10 buys us a day of digital advertising.
  • £30 goes toward printing costs of campaign handout materials.
  • £85 pays the salary of a regional organiser for a day.
  • £250 covers the cost of a campaign laptop.
  • £500 helps us custom tailor world-leading election software to our campaign.

Why it matters:

While the traditional parties can rely on large donations from big business, we rely on supporters like you to fund our grassroots campaigning.

And it works – we’ve seen it before.Six months ago, more than one million people across the UK voted Green and Brighton Pavilion MP Caroline Lucas showed us what’s possible with a well-coordinated, people-powered campaign by increasing her majority six-fold.Come May next year, it’s our turn to do the same.Without an increase in the Green vote in our Parliament, we risk continued ignorance towards emissions targets, the dangers of fracking and the need for serious rent controls.

Chip in what you can today to help kickstart our campaign.

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