Get the Vicar's bike back

Get the Vicar's bike back

Pastor Paddy has had his beautiful red road bike stolen - let's join together to buy him a new bike and support all he does for Thame.

We did it!

On 11th Aug 2014 we successfully raised £600 of £600 target with 34 supporters in 28 days

Vicar's bike has been stolen


What's happened?

As you may have seen in the Thame Gazette this week (11th July 2014) - Paddy Harris the pastor of Cornerstone Church in Thame has had his red racing bike stolen from outside his house.

The chances of Paddy getting his bike back are next to none - so let's see if we can raise enough money as a community to get Paddy his bike back, and support the work he does in Thame.


Who is Paddy Harris?

Paddy Harris

Paddy Harris is the Vicar of Cornerstone Church, which meets every Sunday at John Hampden Primary School (

Although I do not attend his church I know Paddy well, partly because of all the work he does for the whole community in and around Thame. I believe it's solely because of Paddy's involvement within the community, that Cornerstone has seen such growth - tripling in size since it's beginning in 2008.

It think it's time we showed Paddy our support - and joined together to show that as Thame we are a community who cares for one another.


Why £600?

The bike that Paddy had stolen was a 2013 Specialized Allez (RRP £550) - I think we should raise the extra £50 so Paddy can buy the new 2014 version of the same bike**.

Only if we raise the full £600 will the funds be released for Paddy's new bike.

If we receive over £600, any extra money will go directly into supporting the work of Paddy and Cornerstone Church within the community of Thame.


Let's do this together as Thame...

One thing I love about Thame is how many amazing people are - I have complete faith that we'll be able to raise the full amount.

Even if you don't personally know Paddy - you can take my word that he's one of the most amazing people I know, and is someone who absolutely loves this town - so let's share that love and do this small thing for him.


Pledge over...

On the right-hand side (at the top) of this page you will notice rewards for different pledge amounts - each pledge level will give you greater rewards, including certificates, badges, t-shirts and trophies.

And if for some reason you decide to pledge the full £600, you can choose what colour to spray Paddy's bike.


Front-page news...

On 18th July, we made the front-page of the Gazette...

This week's gazette


** - Paddy will have final say over which bike he chooses with the funds (not necessarily a 2014 Specialized Allez)

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