Help SNP's Anne McLaughlin take Labour stronghold!

Help SNP's Anne McLaughlin take Labour stronghold!

Anne McLaughlin led her constituency to a 57% YES vote. Now she wants to turn that into an SNP vote & change Glasgow forever. You can help!

We did it!

On 5th Apr 2015 we successfully raised £4,162 with 141 supporters in 28 days

Project aim

GlasgowNE voters are sick of being taken for granted. Let's show them 'the (LAB) party's over' by electing an SNP MP in their 'safest' seat!

About the project

The opinion polls predicting a landslide victory for the SNP across Scotland, invariably end with the words 'but Labour's Willie Bain could hang on to his Glasgow North East seat'. Now that could depress us. It doesn't. It excites us. It motivates us. And we say yes he COULD hang on but we don't intend to let him.

Our canvassing results are almost too good to be true. Our candidate Anne McLaughlin has been campaigning for the SNP for 26 years and she has never experienced anything like this. It is entirely possible to win Glasgow North East. We have the ideas. We have the solid campaigning experience behind us.

We have the track record - 57% of people voted YES to Independence - the days of being told what to do by Labour are OVER!

We have the team to do it. Already we have daily canvassing and leafleting and street stalls from Monday to Saturday. These local men and women mean business!

We have the ideas! Remember in 2014 when we couldn't find campaign rooms in the most disengaged part of the constituency? Did we give up? No! We used our imagination, raised some more money and hired a mobile information hub known as ... The AYES Cream Van.

We have the candidate. Anne McLaughlin lead the Yes Provan campaign to that 57% victory. As an MSP from 2009 to 2011 she developed a reputation for fighting tooth and nail for her constituents. Anne lives right here in the constituency. She knows what needs to happen here and she's not waiting until she's elected to start working - she's already doing it!

We have the support of Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister, who will speak at Anne's adoption party on 17th April. 

We have everything we need except for one thing - the money!

Our task is greater than many in seats that are predicted to win.

We have a motorway slicing our constituency in half and so we want to invest in 2 sets of campaign rooms.

Our daily street stalls are getting incredible reactions, just like in the Yes campaign but to keep up with demand for badges, stickers etc we need to invest a fair amount of money.

We have a number of ideas we want to put into place (but don't want to give away just now) and we have the usual costs of running an election campaign. 

So if you can help with a donation no matter the size, please do. We need to win. Not just for Anne, not just for the SNP but, primarily, for the people of Glasgow North East who deserve so much better than they have ever had from their MP.

Campaign promoted by Angus MacLeod on behalf of Anne McLaughlin both of 3 Malloch Street, Glasgow, G20 8TP.

NB if you are kind enough to donate more than £50 to this campaign, your name and address will be checked against the electoral register to ensure you are eligible to donate. Your name, but not your address, will be made available by the council on request after the election.

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